How Can a Nonprofit Start a Program While Waiting for a Nonprofit Grant

Getting a nonprofit grant can be reason to celebrate but that initial joy may begin to fade in the amount of time that it takes to actually receive the money. You may feel stuck in limbo, wondering how you can move forward and start a program while waiting for your grant.Is it Possible to Start a Program While Waiting for a Nonprofit Grant?

They say that good things come to those who wait but there are times when it can cause missed opportunities and unfortunate delays. If you run a nonprofit and are trying to start a program while waiting for a grant, you understand this dilemma. Nonetheless, you do have options.

Why it’s Difficult to Start a Program While Waiting for a Nonprofit Grant

Organizing a program of any kind is hard work. There are a ton of little details to manage and help lots of help needed.

In addition, you will need space to hold the program and vendors to provide a variety of materials and services. These are the types of components of your program that you cannot delay while waiting for a nonprofit grant. They need to be paid upfront in order to secure their involvement.

Is it Possible to Start a Program While Waiting for a Nonprofit Grant?

Most nonprofits don’t have a stash of extra money that can be used when a government check is late. Therefore, you might think you have to put your program on hold, but you don’t.

Your best option is to turn to a cash advance company, like Financing Solutions ( They can give you emergency nonprofit funding so you will be able to start critical aspects of your program.

To qualify for nonprofit funding from Financing Solutions, you need to be a non profit with at least $500,000 in revenue. Once approved, you can have the money in your account in less than a week. This fast cash can be used to make payroll, purchase supplies or start a program.

Tips to Make Your Nonprofit More Successful

You already have a clear mission and a desire to benefit the community. That’s the easy part. Still, there are numerous ways you can tweak your nonprofit organization and practices to make your work more successful and help even more people.

One thing to look at is your personnel. You must have motivated workers that are ready to rise to any challenge and committed board members who are dedicated to advancing your mission. If every person is not pulling their weight, don’t be afraid to make changes or let some people go.

Another area where changes might be made is your fundraising plan. It is a waste of time to apply for nonprofit grants that you have no chance of winning. Take your time and do the necessary research to find appropriate lists of grants for nonprofit organizations. Additionally, it is vital to seek funding from multiple sources. In other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Perhaps the best way to improve your nonprofit is to contact Financing Solutions. They will give you the nonprofit funding you need to make your program a success.

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