BROKERS: Lines of Credit, Cash Advances or Debt Restructuring Quote

LOC: Brokers get paid monthly 15% commission, FOREVER

CA & DR: You tell us the commission % you want

DR: We will buyout other cash advances

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BROKERS: Line of Credit Quote

Great for clients that will not take cash advances

Up to $150k in an annual Line of Credit to draw on

Client only charged when they use Line. No app fee

BROKERS: Debt Restructuring Quote

We will pay off other cash advances

We will lower your clients daily payments

You get paid on the total

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BROKERS: Line of Credit Quote

I got my client a Line of Credit from Financing Solutions and I get paid commission every time the line is used.

John Unger

John Unger
Excel Capital

My client has 5 other cash advances, Financing Solutions paid them off and lowered my clients payments $1,000 per day.

Kaley Welch

Kaley Welch
Forward Financing

I love how fast & easy it is to work with Financing Solutions with their easy quote system. They always try to get my deals approved.

Tyrone Jones

Tyrone Jones
Future Capital

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    We understand brokers

    We know that brokers want their deals approved and you want them approved fast. Our easy quote process allows you to get a quote with no paperwork required.  

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    A company you can trust

    We have an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau and believe strongly in treating you professionally and with respect. We have earned the respect and business of many brokers throughout the US.

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    A fast & easy process

    Our easy quote process allows you to get a quick answer and even if your deal is declined, we will let you know why.

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    Unique Products

    We have some of the most unique products in the industry that allows your clients to get what they want. Lines of Credit, Debt Restructuring and Cash Advances with excellent commissions.