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Spot Factoring, a Great Short Term Financing Solution

Thanks to PFS I paid my hard working employees on time and business has never been better.

Jack Jacoby

Jack Jacoby
Staffing Company

Thanks to PFS Debt restructuring program, I was able to lower my other loan payments.

Jennifer McHale

Jennifer McHale
Cupcake Retail

We got a cash advance from PFS that helped us pay an unexpected bill quickly.

Frank Burns

Frank Burns
Manufacturing Company


A business that need short term financing often doesn’t have to many options. A bank is going to take forever to give you an answer for a line of credit or a business bank loan and a traditional account receivable factor is going to want to lock you up for a long period of time. Spot Factoring is really what payroll financing is. It allows you to get funds using your existing account receivables as collateral without you having to give up control of your clients. A traditional Factor will want to check with your clients to see if your invoice is real, they will want to make sure your client is credit worthy and they will want your invoices to be paid directly to them. The problem with all this is that it takes time to set up and it takes forever to move away from the Factor once you have decided your business can support itself through current cash flow.


Factoring is really 1,000’s of years old. It basically is financing using your accounts receivable as collateral and has a ton of restrictions that is causing a lot of business to not favor it anymore. Payroll Financing Solutions has changed all that and is the modern way of helping businesses get money without the down falls of traditional factors. We call it payroll financing because the funds are normally being used in an emergency situation so that a client can make payroll but really, the funds can be used for almost anything.

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    We understand small businesses

    We have built small businesses ourselves and we are not from the traditional banking or wall street crowd.

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    A company you can trust

    We have an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau and believe strongly in treating you professionally and with respect.

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    A fast & easy process

    With no paperwork to fill out, we can give you a good idea if you will be approved within minutes.

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    Forgiving lending standards

    We approve many businesses who thought they would never be approved because we listen.