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Thanks to PFS I paid my hard working employees on time and business has never been better.

Jack Jacoby

Jack Jacoby
Staffing Company

Thanks to PFS Debt restructuring program, I was able to lower my other loan payments.

Jennifer McHale

Jennifer McHale
Cupcake Retail

We got a cash advance from PFS that helped us pay an unexpected bill quickly.

Frank Burns

Frank Burns
Manufacturing Company

Why do Most Businesses need Quick Business Financing?

At Payroll Financing Solutions, we get calls all of the time from business owners who think they need quick business financing from a bank but know that there local bank isn’t the right solution. Quick business financing could be needed because the business owner is going to miss payroll, it could be because the business owner needs to buy more inventory or it could be needed because the  business owner wants to start a new business. The reality is that companies that provide quick business financing are not always the best answer to your problem and your business better have a track record with a compelling reason why you need the money. If your reasons involve,” to start a new business”,  then there really are not any financing companies that are going to help you but if you have a business that has been around for a while and you are profitable, then that is a pretty good start. The second good reason for quick business financing is what will the money be used for and how quickly do you need it. If you can wait for the money then the best answer is to turn to a bank who will probably take 8-12 weeks to give you an approval, but if you need the money because you need to make payroll because the client checks you were expecting didn’t come in, then that is a pretty good reason for considering payroll financing.

How does Payroll Financing Work

Payroll Financing is spot financing that uses your accounts receivables as assets and allows you to pay back the funding in small daily payments. When applying for funding at Payroll Financing Solutions you will start with a conversation with one of their managing partners. In that initial call the managing partner will want to learn everything about your business. What makes it great, why do you need the money, how is the company doing now and how has it done, do you have any current loans outstanding along with many more detailed questions. All of our managing partners are ex small business owners and unlike a bank loan officer, the PFS managing partners will instantly be talking your language. The best thing to do on these calls is to be honest and straight forward because down the road if you are approved, then you will need to send back up documentation and if there is any discrepancy between what you have talked about and your documentation, then you will be rejected. The documentation required is often pretty simple stuff, like bank statements, income statements (PL statement), tax returns, etc. and most of these reports can easily be run out of your accounting software. This approval process is done in 24-48 hours and then the money is wired to your bank account with a small daily repayment schedule.

Does Character Count for any Type of quick business financing

We can’t speak for a bank but for Payroll Financing Solutions, yes. In fact, the character of the business owner is probably one of the areas that the Payroll Financing Solutions managing partners is most concerned with. At the end of the day the Payroll Financing Solutions manager wants to know if you are going to pay us back. In many cases,  the business owner knows their business better then anyone and you are often the sole person to determine if the quick business loan is necessary and if your business can afford it. The PFS Managing Partner will look to see how well you know your business, if you know your numbers, if you explain why the funds are so important and in general, what is your plan to pay back the financing. At the end of the day, Payroll Financing Solutions wants you to be successful.


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    We have built small businesses ourselves and we are not from the traditional banking or wall street crowd.

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    We have an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau and believe strongly in treating you professionally and with respect.

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    A fast & easy process

    With no paperwork to fill out, we can give you a good idea if you will be approved within minutes.

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    Forgiving lending standards

    We approve many businesses who thought they would never be approved because we listen.