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How to Get a Business Line of Credit for Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you must learn many things quickly, such as how to get a business line of credit for your business. An inability to succeed in this endeavor could easily mean the end of your business. In school, they teach you numerous business terms and concepts. Other helpful concepts may have come from a […]

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Where to Get a Small Business Line of Credit

But before you decide on a line of credit, you first need to know how it works.

Article Summary:  For a flexible financing option, nothing beats a small business line of credit. Various lenders offer this funding, so it’s important to know what you can expect and which is best for the unique needs of your business. Why the Old Ways of Getting a Small Business Line of Credit Won’t Work It […]

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What is a Credit Line for a Business

Article summary: If you don’t want to ask someone, “What is a credit line?” because you are embarrassed, then let us help educate you. A credit line for a business or nonprofit is a finance product you can get from a commercial bank or a private lender like Financing Solutions. It allows you to borrow […]

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Where to Find Small Business Loans for Women

Article summary: As much as commercial banks, the press and the government talk about it, you would think that getting small business loans for women is more difficult. The truth is that it isn’t much different than it is for men. It still comes down to your existing revenue and profit plus having collateral to […]

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Secured versus Unsecured Business Line of Credit

Article summary: What’s the difference between a secured versus unsecured business line of credit and what does it mean for your business. Highlights ·         A line of credit is the most important tool a business can have. ·         It’s nearly impossible to get an unsecured business line of credit from a commercial or local bank. […]

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What Are the Requirements for a Business Line of Credit

Article summary: What experienced business people know is that if you don’t have 100 percent collateral, you will not get approval from a traditional bank. However, in the last 10 years, alternative lenders have been the place to go to for businesses with less than $5 million in revenue. If you do have collateral to […]

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What Credit Score Do You Need to Get a Business Line of Credit

When you need inspiration, you may turn to a colleague or mentor but what credit score do you need to get a business line of credit? This is perhaps one of the most important questions you can ask for the success of your business. Is a Perfect Credit Score Necessary When You Need to Get […]

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How Hard is it to Get a Business Loan

To achieve anything in business it takes determination, dedication and hard work so first you may need to ask, how hard is it to get a business loan? The answer might influence the very future of your business. Small business owners have to be able to see the big picture. However, this can be difficult […]

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Minority Enterprise Business Loans

When it comes to minority business enterprise loans, banks only talk a good game and as a small business owner you don’t have time for games. You need to find a top quality lender. One that is transparent, honest and willing to give you a chance without playing around. The game of business is a […]

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