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Business Execution, The Key to Getting Over $10 million in Sales: Entrepreneur MBA 1.3

Dwight Cooper is the founder of PPR which his team grew to over $100 million in yearly sales before recently selling to an investor group. One of PPR’s core competencies was exceptional business execution and is the key reason why PPR grew and thrived in a very competitive marketplace. Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions interviews […]

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The Effect that Life Changes Have on Your Company Finances

In business, everything you do is like throwing a pebble into a lake, which then sends ripples far and wide. Even changes in your personal life can have an effect on your company finances. Things are always changing, but that doesn’t make those changes any easier to deal with. For example, life changes can have […]

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What Makes a Good Entrepreneur, Great Idea(s) or Execution?

After building 6 companies over 18 years, one would think that I am a serial entrepreneur. However, I am still learning things about myself where I question my future. The fact is that I haven’t been happy with those companies I have built. They have been businesses that only achieved $7 million dollars of sales […]

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