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Can a Board Member Loan Money to Their Nonprofit

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Board members for nonprofit organizations have immense responsibilities. You are expected to oversee daily activities, adhere to current bylaws, and ensure that finances are stable.  Should a board member with these responsibilities also be allowed to lend money to their nonprofit organization? The mindset of a board member should be to see your nonprofit succeed. […]

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Why a Nonprofit Organization Doesn’t Want a Nonprofit Loan from a Bank

Get a Line of Credit Instead Often, it doesn’t matter how you got here, it only matters where you are going and a nonprofit loan may help you get there. But is that what your nonprofit organization really needs? You may be happy to learn that you do have other options. The Importance of a […]

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Financing for Nonprofit Organizations

Yes, financing for nonprofits organizations can be hard to come by, but thankfully you do have options. A financial crisis is sometimes like fireworks. Even as they are exploding, they light up the sky. In other words, look closely at your current financial difficulties. You will see that they are shining a light on the […]

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How a Line of Credit Can Really Help Nonprofits

Ways that a Line of Credit Can Really Help Nonprofits

A positive attitude, a solid mission, and dedicated employees can really make a difference for your nonprofit. You should also learn how a line of credit can really help nonprofits. Leading a nonprofit is often not filled with huge triumphs, but little victories that add up. That’s typically what a nonprofit is really all about. […]

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Signs That Your Nonprofit Might Need a Line of Credit

When you run a nonprofit organization, it can seem like you are walking a long road with lots of signs. Some of those signs will lead you in the wrong direction. Others may be somewhat confusing. Then there are those that are clearly saying your nonprofit might need a line of credit. Frustration, conflicts and […]

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Nonprofit Financing is Behind For Profit Businesses

If you fall behind in the race to success, the only answer is to run faster. However, no matter how hard you run, your nonprofit financing will always lag behind for profit businesses. The mindset many people still harbor about nonprofits can hold you back. They often believe there should be no overhead and no […]

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Nonprofit Credit Card Processing and a Line of Credit Go Hand in Hand

In nonprofits, smart planning and good leadership go hand in hand. When leading your nonprofit organization, you should know that nonprofit credit card processing and a line of credit also go hand in hand. The Basics of Nonprofit Credit Card Processing There is a general misconception that nonprofit organizations have it easy. You print up […]

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Why Banks Will Not Loan to Nonprofits

You could spend all day asking why banks will not loan to nonprofits.

You could spend all day asking why banks will not loan to nonprofits. Nevertheless, a better question would be how you can get a nonprofit loan anyway. In the nonprofit world, asking the right questions can make all the difference. You need to know why banks will not loan to nonprofits, how funding cuts may […]

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Can a Nonprofit Organization Write Off Interest Payments on a Loan

When can a nonprofit organization write off interest payments on a loan is one of them.

They say that to know your own story, you must write it yourself. If you are doing your own taxes, you must know can a nonprofit organization write off interest payments on a loan. Although nonprofit organizations are tax exempt, there are still issues with the IRS that you must contend with in order to […]

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If Your Nonprofit Files a 990 You Can Get a Line of Credit

Understanding When and How Your Nonprofit Files a 990

Many people believe nonprofits have it easy. A volunteer workforce, government funding and not having to pay taxes seems like a dream come true. The truth, of course, is that you do have to pay your employees, funding is scarce and it’s necessary that your nonprofit files a 990 with the IRS. While there are […]

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