A Line of Credit... Just in Case

Lend money to their own business

What Happens When A Serial Entrepreneur Starts His 7th company

Does a Bank Have the Best Business Loans for Small Businesses?

Here are the top 7 recommendations for business owners trying to build a $5-$20 million company based on the business experiences of a 25-year veteran serial entrepreneur.

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Financing Solutions is One of the Largest Nonprofit Funders in the U.S.

How Did Financing Solutions become one of the Largest Nonprofit Lenders in the U.S.

The nonprofit sector is the third largest workforce in the country, employing more than 11 million workers. To help, they can turn to Financing Solutions, which is one of the largest nonprofit financing companies in the U.S. A majority of these nonprofits are small, with less than $500,000 in annual revenue. This means nonprofit lenders […]

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Why Small Business Owners Often Have to Lend Money to Their Own Business

What to Do If You Can’t Lend Money to Your Own Business

In Hamlet, Shakespeare wrote, “Neither a borrower or a lender be.” This can be doubly distressing for small business owners who have to lend money to their own business. The very nature of small business makes it necessary to take out working capital loans from time to time. Unfortunately, the nature of banks is to […]

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