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missing payroll taxes

Not Paying Your Business Payroll Taxes Can Cost You Your Business

What to do if you cannot pay your business payroll taxes

If you don’t pay your rent, you could be forced to find a new location for your business, but ultimately you will survive. However, not paying your business payroll taxes can actually cost you your business. There are some things you can let slide, but paying your business payroll taxes is not one of them. […]

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Missing Payroll Taxes Can Bring the IRS to Your Door

An even bigger problem would be missing payroll taxes that can bring the IRS to your door.

If you miss a payment to a vendor, they may choose not to do business with you again and if you miss an opportunity to grow your business, that’s your loss. However, missing payroll taxes can bring the IRS to your door, and that is a situation you never want to be in. Everyone knows […]

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