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Need a 501C3 Loan Now? Financing Solutions Could Be a Good Starting Place

A 501C3 loan can help when you need immediate business funding.

Nonprofit organizations around the country are faced with difficult tasks that aren’t just about your mission. A delay in reimbursement checks, unexpected expenses, and waiting for grants can all wreak havoc on your organization’s cash flow. A nonprofit loan may seem like something that can be exhausting to apply for. They are difficult to receive, […]

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Nonprofits Waiting for Grants Are Using Financing Solutions to Get Funds Earlier

How is Payroll Financing Solutions helping nonprofits waiting for grants

Running a nonprofit is not easy. Relying on government funding and donations can often leave you short on cash. That’s why many nonprofits waiting for grants are using Financing Solutions (FS) to get funds earlier. Just like any other business, nonprofits need to be able to access instant business financing. As a result, many nonprofits […]

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Payroll Financing Can Be Used Instead of Not for Profit 501c3 Grants

Why Payroll Financing May be Better than Not for Profit 501c Grants

When you run a not for profit business, you may often have to find creative ways to stretch your dollars. This might include asking for donations, encouraging volunteerism and seeking alternative funding sources. One option you may not have realized is that payroll financing can be used instead of not for profit 501c3 grants. Not […]

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