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Payroll Financing Can Be Used Instead of Not for Profit 501c3 Grants

Why Payroll Financing May be Better than Not for Profit 501c Grants

When you run a not for profit business, you may often have to find creative ways to stretch your dollars. This might include asking for donations, encouraging volunteerism and seeking alternative funding sources. One option you may not have realized is that payroll financing can be used instead of not for profit 501c3 grants. Not […]

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Nonprofit Businesses Are Using Payroll Financing for Cash Advances

payroll financing to make payroll for nonprofit

You may be surprised to learn that nonprofit businesses are using payroll financing for cash advances to help them make payroll. Of course, not for profit businesses come with their own unique set of issues but maybe payroll financing can help your organization too? There are close to one million public charities, approximately 100,000 private […]

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