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Top Nonprofit Lenders Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

lender for nonprofits

There are nonprofits lenders who provide loans specifically to nonprofit organizations.  This article will serve as a guide to help you save time and money. Let’s put your nonprofit organization in a better position to get the desired business loan, mortgage, or Line of credit. Nonprofit Financing Options: business loans, lines of credit or mortgages As a nonprofit grows, it is […]

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Can a Board Member Loan Money to Their Nonprofit

grants for nonprofits

Board members for nonprofit organizations have immense responsibilities. You are expected to oversee daily activities, adhere to current bylaws, and ensure that finances are stable.  Should a board member with these responsibilities also be allowed to lend money to their nonprofit organization? The mindset of a board member should be to see your nonprofit succeed. […]

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Insider Advice – Winning Grants For Nonprofits: Nonprofit MBA Podcast 2.3

Foundations are required by law to distribute at least 5% of their funds each year, including grants for nonprofits, yet many smaller nonprofits do not submit grant applications. With the outbreak of COVID-19, as well as some dwindling funding sources, many nonprofits are now looking for new ways to raise funds. Winning grants for your […]

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Great Solutions for a Nonprofit Budget Deficit

Nothing scares an executive more than seeing a nonprofit budget deficit. You could be doing everything right. However, there could be hiccups in cash flow, an unexpected expense, or a change in the economy. Nonprofit budgeting is challenging because the margin of error is so tight! Take a deep breath, understand the problem and begin […]

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How Can a Nonprofit Get a 501C3 Loan

Considerations for the Nonprofit

If you run a nonprofit business, you probably know how to get government grants, raise private funds and get reimbursements from governments. There are plenty of websites and organizations to help with that. It is far more difficult to know how a nonprofit can get a 501c3 loan or a quick nonprofit line of credit. […]

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Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) SBA Loan Program Easily Explained

How to Contact The SBA

There are two types of SBA Loan programs available to small businesses and nonprofits affected by Covid-19 under the CARES Act Fiscal Stimulus Package. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and The SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program. The below summarizes the details of the  SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). We will summarize the SBA’s Economic […]

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Nonprofit Line of Credit: How to Responsibly Use Credit

nonprofit line of credit

In your nonprofit, you may be wondering why you’d need a nonprofit line of credit. After all the bad things you’ve heard about debt, you might think you should just steer clear of borrowing.

It’s understandable to have that opinion. Debt can be an albatross around the neck of businesses of all sorts, whether for-profit or non-profit organizations. When used responsibly, though, lines of credit can tremendously enhance the ability of a nonprofit to conduct its operations, adding financial flexibility and improving the resilience of the firm.

But just how should you use credit to unlock these possibilities? How can you avoid the pitfalls that have swallowed up so many companies? Continue reading below to find out how best to use nonprofit lines of credit responsibly.

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Nonprofit Business Loans

quick business line of credit

Things have finally changed for nonprofit organizations regarding nonprofit business loans. Business loans used to only be available for for-profit businesses but, over the last few years, some financing companies have really started to “get” nonprofits. In reality, some of the most popular business financing options have always been perfectly suited for nonprofits. This is […]

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Nonprofit Boards: The Executive Director’s Best Friends (No, Really!): Nonprofit MBA Podcast 1.6

Today’s Podcast: Nonprofit Boards: The Executive Director’s Best Friends (No, Really!) Nonprofit Boards: The Executive Director’s Best Friends (No, Really!) Nonprofit boards can and should be the principal source of support (moral and financial) for their organizations. Some, however (though none of yours of course), can be a nuisance or even an impediment to successfully fulfilling […]

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The Newest Strategy in Fundraising for Nonprofits: NonprofitMBA Podcast 1.5

Summary of Podcast Today, what we are going to discuss is The Newest Strategy in Fundraising for Nonprofits. The Nonprofit MBA’s purpose is to provide new business insights and fresh creative ideas for Executive Directors and their teams that will help them improve their organizations. Introduction of Stephen Welcome, everyone. My name is Stephen Halasnik […]

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