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Non-profit Mortgage Loans: A New Opportunity

Non-profit Mortgage Loans A New Opportunity

It used to be that only for-profit enterprises could access the mortgage loans necessary to buy their space outright. Today, new lending solutions and arrangements have made it possible for nonprofits to access nonprofit mortgage loans and other creative solutions that give them flexibility and power over their future.

The tools now available to nonprofits range from crowdfunded loans to lines of credit and cover a variety of situations that apply to many nonprofits. It’s in the best interest of the leaders of any nonprofit organization to investigate the options available to them and determine which, if any, work best with their organizations’ capital and operational needs.

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What is a Nonprofit Line of Credit Being Used For Video

Summary: Financing Solutions shares the top 4 reasons how a nonprofit line of credit is used.  Nonprofits use their Line of Credit typically to make payroll when there is a delay in reimbursement funding, when there is an emergency that has to be addressed, to start a new program early when the nonprofit knows that […]

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Loans for Nonprofits: Should a Nonprofit Get a Loan?

At Financing Solutions (www.financingsolutionsnow.com), they get calls from many executive directors of nonprofits who often ask, “Can a nonprofit get a loan?” The answer is yes, but it’s not always so simple. It really depends on where you apply and the management of your organization. In this article, we will explain to you the various […]

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Why a Nonprofit Organization Doesn’t Want a Nonprofit Loan from a Bank

Get a Line of Credit Instead Often, it doesn’t matter how you got here, it only matters where you are going and a nonprofit loan may help you get there. But is that what your nonprofit organization really needs? You may be happy to learn that you do have other options. The Importance of a […]

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