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What to Say to a Payroll Funding Company

About to miss payroll

You’re about to miss payroll and you start looking for a quick line of credit by typing payroll funding company in Google. Whether it’s a client payment (or payments) that are late or an unexpected business expense that came up; you’re afraid of sending shock waves through your company by missing payroll. Telling your employees […]

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What is Payroll Factoring

Article summary: The first thing you should know is that there really is no such thing as payroll factoring. However, the most common reason small business owners use factoring (which is a form of financing where one sells their receivables) is so they can make payroll. It’s important to learn about this business tool, as […]

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Why Payroll Financing is Better than Funding Circle

For example, you need to know why Payroll Financing is better than Funding Circle.

As a small business owner, you surely know why cash is superior to credit and that accounts receivable beats accounts payable on any day. However, you might not realize why Payroll Financing is better than Funding Circle. There are several sources you can turn to for alternative business funding. With so many choices, it is […]

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Why is Ondeck Capital Not the Best Place to Go for a Business Loan

Most likely, you know the best place to go for a fabulous vacation or even to purchase new office furniture. As an entrepreneur, you should also know where to go for instant business financing and that Ondeck Capital is not the best place to go for a business loan. There are numerous alternative lenders popping […]

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Why Payroll Financing is a Good Idea for Franchise Financing

Starting a business is hard, which is one reason why franchising is so popular. When you have a great, well-working business model, it might prove profitable to expand by sharing it, and payroll financing is a good idea for franchise financing. There are several options for expanding your small business. You might choose to open […]

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Is Payroll Financing Good for Women or Minority Owned Businesses?

They say that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, but you might be wondering if payroll financing is good for women or minority owned businesses. The simple answer is yes. There are more than seven million women owned businesses and approximately three million minority owned businesses in America. The industries range […]

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How Payroll Financing is Helping Payroll Companies and Their Clients

Not often, but often enough, Payroll companies will get a call from their client(s) letting them know that they will not be able to make payroll. Sometimes it is due to an internal business problem like an unexpected increase in workers comp insurance but mostly it is due to a delayed client check. Sometimes, it […]

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Can Payroll Financing Be Used For A Business Bridge Loan

You may have heard of payroll financing but still have questions about it, such as whether it can be used for a business bridge loan. These types of loans have become a crucial part of doing business today so it is important to know the best ways to obtain one. When you are already paying […]

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