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Small Business Loan

SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program Easily Explained and Summarized

How to Contact The SBA

There are two types of SBA Loan programs available to small businesses and nonprofits affected by Covid-19 under the CARES Act Fiscal Stimulus Package. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and The SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan. The below summarizes the details of the  SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program. We will summarize the Paycheck Protection […]

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What to Say to a Payroll Funding Company

About to miss payroll

You’re about to miss payroll and you start looking for a quick line of credit by typing payroll funding company in Google. Whether it’s a client payment (or payments) that are late or an unexpected business expense that came up; you’re afraid of sending shock waves through your company by missing payroll. Telling your employees […]

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What to Do When You Say I Need a Small Business Loan

Article summary: When a business owner or nonprofit director says I need a small business loan, the worst thing to do is to wait until the last minute. It’s vital to get funding in place ahead of time…before you need it. Why You Might Say I Need a Small Business Loan (and when not to) […]

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SBA Guide for Non-Profits

A Guide to the Small Business Administration for Non-Profits

You may be wondering if non-profit organizations can benefit from the services offered by the Small Business Administration (SBA). While some of its services are more aligned with those of use to for-profit enterprises, non-profit organizations can also make use of some of its offerings. What is the SBA? The Small Business Administration (SBA) is […]

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What is a Revolving Credit Line

Article summary: The need to have access to quick business capital is universal for all businesses and for many the answer is a revolving credit line. If you need to know more about this business tool and how it may work for your company, read on. The Basics of a Revolving Credit Line A revolving […]

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Where to Get a Small Business Line of Credit

But before you decide on a line of credit, you first need to know how it works.

Article Summary:  For a flexible financing option, nothing beats a small business line of credit. Various lenders offer this funding, so it’s important to know what you can expect and which is best for the unique needs of your business. Why the Old Ways of Getting a Small Business Line of Credit Won’t Work It […]

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Where to Find Small Business Loans for Women

Article summary: As much as commercial banks, the press and the government talk about it, you would think that getting small business loans for women is more difficult. The truth is that it isn’t much different than it is for men. It still comes down to your existing revenue and profit plus having collateral to […]

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Can a HELOC, Home Equity Line of Credit, Be Used for a Business

Article summary: It is possible to get a HELOC as a way to raise business capital for your company. Still, you should know that there are advantages and disadvantages of using a HELOC, home equity line of credit, for your business.   Highlights  How will your spouse and family be impacted by this decision? Getting […]

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