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For a Business Owner, You Need to Remember Your History of survival

I haven’t written in a while because things at work have been really challenging. Some of the most challenging in my work life. After having laid of 1/2 my staff and cutting everyone’s salary 20%, we were still losing $30k per month due to an unexpected drop in sales. I turned to my support group immediately. My EO group of entreprenuer friends, my advisory board and I brought back my coach for a three month stint. It took me about 2 weeks to get through the emotional turmoil but I feel like I am starting to come out of it. I am now focusing 80% of my time on a new business and I have turned over the HEALTHCAREseeker.com business to my second in command. I have also cut my personal and business expenses so that the amount of money we are losing is smaller.

I hate losing money, and when I look back at my 18 years in business, I now realize that I have had up years in the business and down years. Hopefully, the up years, out weigh the bad years. (In profits). For me, that has happened but no one really pointed this out to me, there are going to be good years, and there are going to be bad. Now that I look back on my life I see that I have always come out ahead and that feeling, of survival, helps gives me strength during these tough times.

It isn’t just about losing money. It is about me giving up on my dreams to work for myself, for having a balanced lifestyle, of having the flexability to do what I want, of me calling the shots. Of course I also want to make money so that I can have fun.

When I brought my coach back on, I set up goals for her engagement. 1- Help me develop my leadership style to stay more positive so I don’t get down, 2-help me develop a plan to get me back on track. Over the last couple of days I am seeing that I am coming out of my depression and that although the road ahead is tough, I will survive like I always have in the past.

Not only do I want to survive but I want to start dreaming again. Dreaming about a business and life that is going to be something I am proud of. One that brings me to new life experiences. I want more out of my life and work.

Originally posted on June 26, 2010

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