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Good Day, Bad Day, Good Day, Bad Day, That’s Typical for a Business Owner

My life in general has always had its share of highs and lows. It has always been a roller coaster ride. As I get older the highs and lows get less dramatic. While in the Entreprenuer Organization ( which I would highly recommend to any business owner) we are put thru an excersie to graph the highs and lows of our lives and that excercise always shows one can expect a bumpy ride because that is the way life and running a business is.

As good a day as I had yesterday, today wasn’t such a great day. It wasn’t the worst day but I decided to leave at 3:30 because my heart just wasn’t into work. There were two key events that happened. One was that I meet with the owner of a training company that had lunch with me to give me insight into a business idea I had. (I am always amazed at how much help other owners are.) That meeting started to make me realise that maybe my training company idea 1- might not be a great idea or 2-that I have to look deeper. I then came back to the office and told my two top people that I needed to make a 10% pay cut and to do more layoffs with others. They responded with strong displeasure about them taking a cut without being thankful that I had decided to give them profit sharing. It was more detailed then I wish to explain here however I got really angry and came right out and sternly told them that I was very unhappy that they didn’t appreciate that they were making very good money while I was losing money.

Its a tough time at work and if the company lost our key person then I would just shut it down and move onto something else. I don’t believe that person is going to leave anytime soon however it isn’t a great feeling to know that your future is tide to one person….especially and entreprenuer who is very independent.

In summary, being an owner has so many ups and downs that you just begin to recognize that it is part of being an entreprenuer…but it still tough to deal with.

Originally posted on 4/28/2010

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