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How to Get Funding for Payroll When You Might Miss It

For the first time there is a new solution to the question, How to get funding for payroll, when a business owner might miss payroll. Financing Solutions (www.payrollfinancingsolutions.com) provides short term, quick funds to companies that need cash in order to meet payroll.

The owners of Payroll Financing Solutions, Stephen Halasnik and Keith Giovannoli, have each successfully built several companies from scratch over 18 years and knew that often, a good business might have an event that catches them by surprise which requires a quick fund to get them thru the issue.

Halasnik commented: “I consider myself a well prepared businessman and about 7 years ago I had a temporary staffing company that was growing like crazy. I felt I was about 3 months away from having to ask my bank to increase my line of credit and then my sales team went out and had a dynamite month. I was not going to have enough money to make payroll. I called my bank to increase my line and their response was sure, we can increase your line, but it might take us 4-6 weeks. (4-6 weeks I said???) I didn’t have that time, so I went looking for any way I could to get the money to make my payroll and although I didn’t want to do it, I had to borrow the $40,000 from a friend. I paid him back in 2 weeks and until this day, I thank him all of the time.  I hated borrowing money from a friend but there was no company to fund me money in 24 hours back then, so creating Financing Solutions is not only a business I think other business owners might need, but I would have used this services myself back when I had a problem. “

Financing Solutions provides funds of $10,000 to $75,000 to good, normally profitable business. ]Financing Solutions can often make a decision to fund in 4 hours or less and can make the application process painless. If interested, please call 862-207-4118 x502.


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Quick Line of Credit Quote