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Not Just an Entreprenuer but a Serial Entreprenuer

I think most people who meet me are surprised by how determined I continue to be to achieve building the company that excites me. It is the type of company where I go into work every day and I love the work I do. It is the type of company that allows me financial success to do whatever I want without worring about how much it costs. It is the type of company were I can express my creativeness.

So it surprised me when I was listening to my newly discovered favorite radio station Bloomburg radio and they talked about the fact that only 2% of entrepreneurs are serial entrepreneurs. I never thought of myself as a serial entrepreneur and in fact, I always hated the word, entrepreneur. It then dawned on me that the book I always wanted to write could be on what it is like to be a serial entrepreneur.

I knew it was unusual to start your own business but I never thought about how challenging and special it is to start 5 companies each of which have made money.

So why am I a serial entrepreneur? I think it really comes down to the idea that I haven’t been successful at picking the right business that can grow into a very large company so I keep trying. I sometimes have started businesses hoping that it would lead me some where towards a business that is unique and will take off. There have been some businesses I have started because I also thought that it might allow me to stay in the game until I find a unique idea that turns into the company I love.

In the past year I have started a new approach to looking for business ideas. I joined an Angle Investors group and it has allowed me to see presentation from 5 companies every month trying to raise money so they can move their business forward. It was a good move to join and it continues to make me more aware that what I have accomplished in the last 16 years is pretty special and that  have a pretty unique skillset.

I guess there are serial entrepreneurs that start new business because they have failed but will not give up, others who start multiple businesses because they built successful one’s and exited. I have been a serial entrepreneur because I haven’t built a large company that I love.

Originally posted on jan 13, 2012

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