A Line of Credit... Just in Case

Quick Line of Credit Quote

  • Must have:
    Yearly sales > $150,000
    Personal Credit score > 600

An Overdraft Line of Credit Saves You $ and Headaches.

  • FREE monitoring of your bank account balance - we email it to you daily
  • Immediate access to your preapproved line of credit
  • Funds deposited same day you request them
  • Avoid expensive overdraft bank fees & bounced checks
  • Use for other smaller expenses when cash flow is low
  • Your line will be approved for 10% of past average monthly sales
  • No hidden fees whatsoever
  • Costs $10-$20 for each $500 request, Pay back out of future cash flow

I was spending about $4,000/yr in bank overdrafts. My Overdraft Line of Credit from Financing Solutions saved me a lot of money

Henry Honercamp

Henry Honercamp
Manufacturing company

I hate the embarrassment when we bounce checks or payments. My Overdraft Line allows me to make sure all checks go through.

Kaley Welch

Kaley Welch
Medical billing company

Our Overdraft Line allows us to pay smaller important expenses when cash flow is down and we hope to graduate into a large line.

Jack Burke

Jack Burke
Staffing company

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    Banks are Making Billions in Overdrafts Every Year

    Everyone hates paying overdraft fees! With an Overdraft Line of Credit from Financing Solutions you will be able to request funds be wired into your account the same day from our portal, eliminating those bank overdraft fees that really add up.

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    A+ Company You Can Trust

    We have an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau and believe strongly in treating you professionally and with respect. We also don’t come from the Banking or Wall Street crowd having built numerous small businesses ourselves. We hate bank overdraft fees ourselves and also know how valuable a business line of credit can be.

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    A Fast & Easy Process

    We will preapprove you for a line of credit for 10% of your past monthly sales. Each day, we will send you an email with your banks current balance giving you the option to use your line to cover overdrafts or upcoming checks. You will have the option at anytime to pay off your line balance or delay your payoff costing you $10-$20 per week for each $500 used.

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    A Line of Credit

    Every business should have a line of credit. This Overdraft Line of Credit is a starter line allowing you to reduce bank overdraft fees and to take care of emergency expenses all while building credit so that your line can be increased as your business grows. We are a leading small business line of credit financing company so as your sales increases, we can offer you more credit.

What is an Overdraft Line of Credit

An Overdraft Line of Credit is a line of credit that can be used whenever your business has overextended itself and wishes to cover checks or expenses that would cause bank overdraft fees. The Line can also be used for any reason such as paying for that unexpected expense, covering payroll, or whatever issue caught you by surprise. The Line of Credit cost is almost always significantly cheaper then the overdraft fees your bank charges so it makes complete sense to have an Overdraft Line of Credit in place.


The Financing Solutions Overdraft Line is designed for smaller business with yearly revenue of $150,000 or more and where the owner has a personal credit score of 600 or greater. The line is designed to grow with your organization so that as your company grows the amount of your line will grow with you, allowing you to really establish very valuable good credit. The Overdraft Line of Credit requires no collateral (only in the case of fraud) and the application takes 2 minutes to fill out. We will send you a written offer to consider usually the same day. Once you decide if you want to move forward we will ask you to set us up as a read only viewer of your bank account, like you would for your accountant, and we will then run a personal credit check to verify the information you provided on your application.

Client portal

Once approved, we will give you access to your Financing Solutions portal where you can request funds and where you can pay off your line at any time. If you like we can monitor your bank account and let you know when you balance goes below a set level or you can monitor your account yourself. Your Overdraft Line of Credit costs nothing to set up and you are only charge once you use the line making it a fabulous backup plan in cases of emergencies.

A Bank Overdraft Protection?

If you already have bank overdraft protection you know that it only allows you to move funds around in your own bank accounts but if you are short on cash, then those overdraft fees will still occur. In addition, if you have ever bounced a check to an employee or a supplier, you know that it is extremely embarrassing showing them signs that your organization isn’t financially stable.

Interested in seeing how much you qualify for? Click below and fill out our two-minute application to get a no obligation written quote.


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