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Learn about our payroll funding, when its best used and the services we offerIndustries that have benefited from our Line of Credit, Cash Advance or Debt Restructuring Financing Products

Fedex Contractors Businesses

Fedex Contractors often have cash flow issues when their trucks need an unexpected repair, new tires or when an opportunity comes up to purchase a used truck. Our Line of Credit or Cash Advance products are awesome for those times when one is short on cash and the application process is very fast and easy.

Non Profits Organizations

Not for Profits (501c3) are always in a tricky situation. They need to continue providing services to those in need, but at times, the government or benefactors can be late in payments. The organization cannot simply close up doors and stop paying their employees (it is also illegal to delay paying your staff)  or stopping your services is unheard of. Financing Solutions provides funding to non profit companies with a Line of Credit or a Cash Advance that helps when it looks like there will be a delay in a payment or grant.

Manufacturing Companies

Manufactures are always the last to know when their client has received a large order, but the first to know when the economy is improving. This influx in demand causes problems when it comes to hiring and keeping staff or getting much needed equipment/parts. Financing Solutions works with manufacturing companies to make sure they can take advantage of the increased demand for their services. We work very swiftly and can often provide the funding answers with our Line of Credit or Cash Advance products within hours.

Engineering firms

Engineering firms are constantly bidding on jobs with the knowledge that it will boost the number of staff members needed. That staffing up will inevitably cause payroll problems. A company can never have enough financing in place!  In today’s banking environment, the pace at which needed financing can be increased or approved is painfully slow (3-6 months often is the case). Financing Solutions can also be a backup plan even if your company has an existing bank line of credit or another receivable factor.

Temporary Staffing Companies

Business is never consistent for a temporary staffing company, as there is always a fluctuating amount of demand for its services and that is were a Financing Solutions Line of Credit or a Cash Advance is so helpful. Nowadays, commercial banks are just not approving small businesses and Factors require a long term relationship notifying your clients to send receivables directly to the Factor. Financing Solutions allows companies to respond to a huge increase in business quickly by providing them with flexible funding, allowing you to hire the people you need and cover payroll.

Health Services (i.e. Nursing Homes, Physical Therapy offices, etc.)

Health services companies often have issues with delayed payments from insurance and governmental agencies, especially when dealing with large amounts of money. It is very troubling to staff members when the management team has a problem meeting payroll due to circumstances outside of their control. Financing Solutions can quickly provide working capital, much like a bank Line of Credit.

Business that do a lot of business with the Government

Landing a government contract can be a good thing and a bad thing for a business owner. Government contracts tend to be very secure, but they may sometimes take forever to be fully paid. It is also worrisome to be in a situation where there is a long delay in payment due to a lost invoice or a wrongly coded service item. Financing Solutions provides Lines of Credit or Cash Advances so that the work the employees are doing continues without any hint of worry, and often buys the company enough time to get the invoicing problem resolved

Call Center Companies

Call center companies often have clients that need new or additional services. These services may demand an increase in staff, which also greatly increases payroll. Financing Solutions provides a flexible Line of Credit or Cash Advance which allows companies to bridge the gap. Financing Solutions provides funding so that  the call center owners can focus on building their businesses and delivering  exceptional service.

Travel Agencies

Since the advent of the Internet, travel agencies have changed significantly. Clients expect much more personal customer service. The businesses of today should be aware of the many peaks and valleys in the amount of production they may have; these ups and downs decide the necessary amount of labor needed to make sure that personal client care is readily available.Financing Solutions provides Lines of Credit or Cash Advances financing to travel agencies often when banks or other financial institutions would reject them.

Concierge Service Companies

A concierge service is the true definition of personal attention. Clients are extremely demanding in their service, and the people concierge services hire are critical to their overall success. When business is taking off, the last thing a concierge services company owner needs is a missed payroll. Unlike a bank or a traditional Factor, Financing Solutions provides funding to  companies typically within twenty four hours.

Insurance Agents

An insurance agent’s most important assets are its employees. These agents are constantly working hard to increase business and in return, they expect to be paid on a consistent basis. These talented employees are very valuable and the last thing an owner needs is to give them an excuse to pursuit a new job. Financing Solutions provides quick funding so that companies can pay these valuable agents in a time of crisis, ensuring no disruption to their successful businesses.

Recreational Service Companies

Camps, rafting companies, and other entertainment service companies often have a short busy season and then a big slow down. It is critical that when a company has good business it stays focused on the clients rather than on financing. Due to the economy however, it is hard to predict how busy a company may be. A bank or a traditional factor may not be the answer for you, due to the assets they will require. If a company had Financing Solution’s products on their side in case of growth and success, they would be making a wise business decision.

Educational Service Companies

Training companies, for -profit schools, and other educational service companies can experience some wonderful years that catch them by surprise. The most important resources to the success are the people who work for the company, and missing payroll could cause problems. In addition, there are times when you need to invest in your company for growth. Financing Solutions can fund the company’s during these huge growth spurts, saving it time it can invest in the company.

Community Banks

Community Banks often want to help companies out even if they are unable to loan money to that company so the bank will refer their client to us. A bank might not be able to loan money due to the assets of a company or the speed at which the loan needs to take to be processed. Therefore, community banks often will refer these types of companies to Financing Solutions because FS can work quickly and does not have the restrictions that a regulatory business or bank does.

Accounting firms

Accounting firms often know the pulse of their clients business and when one of their clients needs financing due to growth or an unexpected expense. Accountants often will refer their client to Financing Solutions due to our ability to see outside the box when funding a company. Accounting firms also have learned to really trust our innovative funding programs lie our Debt Restructuring or Line of Credit products.

Payroll Processing Companies

Like a PEO, Payroll processing companies often know when a client is going to have problems meeting payroll. Because missing payroll affects everyone, Payroll processing companies will refer their clients to Financing Solutions. We help companies meet payroll in times when speed is of the essence or we can set up a Line of Credit so that if the problem comes up down the road, you have a backup plan.

Industrial & Commercial Machinery Companies

When a client needs something built, there is never enough time in the day. This is why we know that if something critical to a machinery business breaks down, it could have a major impact on the company’s ability to meet a deadline. Financing Solutions can provide funding so that machinery companies meet payroll and have funds available to buy pieces of equipment in order to complete a customer’s job.

Security Companies

A security company’s greatest assets are the people who work for it. The last thing a company owner wants is to be late or to miss payroll. The rumor mill begins to take off and it takes forever for employees to remember how good the company really is. Financing Solutions can help companies by proving funding that helps them meet payroll. As a result, the employees continue to get checks and the company can continue to focus on its growing business.

Human Resource Outsourcing Companies

Companies who outsource to human resource companies often do so because they don’t want to carry the burden of managing employees. Then, combine that with the fact that new projects are often coming to a firm because the client can’t handle the work load in house. This means that payroll increases right at the time when a client isn’t paying the firm for up to three months or more. Financing Solutions recognizes that in order for HR firms to deliver on its work, it needs to increase it staff.

and many, many more

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