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Payroll Loans for Your Small Business

If you are looking for payroll loans for your small business so that you can make payroll, there now is an excellent resource, Financing Solutions. Financing Solutions was started by two 25 year veteran entrepreneurs who had first hand experience building 7 companies. During those 25 years both owners had first hand experience in having to deal with business loans, business line of credit,  factoring, alternative lenders and family/friends when an emergency business loan situation came about. It was obvious during that time that many small business needed help to make payroll but yet the financial community are not able to react fast enough to help these good small businesses. So if you are looking for payroll loans for your small business, then payroll financing is a good place to start.

How Payroll Financing provides Payroll Loans for Your Small Business

A Managing Partner from Financing Solutions will typically have a 15-20 minute conversation with the business owner who is requesting a business loan. At the end of the that call the Managing Partner will be able to give the business owner approved/not approved. The best thing about this is that you don’t need to fill out any paperwork. Once approved, a preliminary e-mail will be sent out describing the details of the financing. If you decide to move forward then we will ask for some minor documents like bank statements, income statements, etc. to verify what you have told us. A final detailed contract will go out and once signed, the funds will be wired to your business bank account. This all happens extremely quickly and we have helped clients in the past that needed the funds the same day.

What type of small businesses qualify for a payroll loan

Financing Solutions is unique in that we are providing spot funding against your open invoices but the client checks still come back to you. Your business will pay back the funding in small daily payments and the quick business funding usually helps your business so that it can get back on its feet. I small business needs to have yearly sales of at least $350,000 and can show proof that you are profitable enough to be able to pay back the funding provided. Many of Financing Solutions clients come back again since the approval process is easy.



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Quick Line of Credit Quote