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Can a Nonprofit Get a Loan

At Financing Solutions (www.financingsolutionsnow.com), they get calls from many executive directors of nonprofits who often ask, “Can a nonprofit get a loan?” The answer is yes but it’s not always so simple. It really depends on where you apply and the management of your organization. How Can a Nonprofit Get a Loan from a Bank? […]

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Why Banks Will Not Give Loans to Nonprofits

Banks are supposed to be the place to go for any kind of financial assistance to help improve or grow your business, which is why it is so disappointing that banks will not give loans to nonprofits. There is already an uneven playing field for not for profit companies, so when even banks won’t help, it […]

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501c’s using Financing Solutions for Fast Business Loans

Financing Solutions often is involved in lending to viable organizations that thought they needed a fast business loan from a bank due to a delay in getting invoices paid. That delay often causes problems and angst among the owners of a company, however for a non-profit company (501c), it is an even bigger concern. The reason: the 501c […]

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