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What is an Equity Line of Credit for Your Business

Entrepreneur Mark Cuban says, “Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is.” While that is of course important, there is another type you should be aware of and that’s an equity line of credit for your business. Every business owner has the right to run your business as you see fit and to compete […]

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Why a Chase Business Line of Credit Isn’t Worth Applying For

One good piece of business advice is worth ten thousand bad suggestions. Therefore, you should be aware that a Chase business line of credit is probably not worth applying for. The way you operate your business determines your success. You can have the greatest product in the world but your company will be worth nothing […]

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Nonprofit Credit Card Processing and a Line of Credit Go Hand in Hand

In nonprofits, smart planning and good leadership go hand in hand. When leading your nonprofit organization, you should know that nonprofit credit card processing and a line of credit also go hand in hand. The Basics of Nonprofit Credit Card Processing There is a general misconception that nonprofit organizations have it easy. You print up […]

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A Government Business Loan for Your Business Will Take a Very Long Time

If you are waiting for the perfect business opportunity, you will likely be waiting for a very long time. You must blaze your own path and strike when the iron is hot. To be ready, you will need money but if you are waiting for a government business loan for this purpose, you will certainly […]

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Business Credit Cards Are Really Personal Credit Cards in Disguise

In business, opportunities come when you least expect them. Often, they are disguised as hard work or temporary defeat. Even personal credit cards can come disguised as business credit cards. Understanding the differences may help you manage your finances and save your business. There are times in the life of every business where your situation […]

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Disadvantages of Getting an Advance on Your Business Credit Cards

It is often the mistakes and hard lessons learned that force us to fight harder for each accomplishment. Therefore, you may have to know the disadvantages of taking out an advance on your business credit cards to find better options for your business to triumph. So much in business is trial and error. For example, […]

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Where a Small Business Can Find an Unsecured Creditline

Sometimes, it takes a true crisis to find out what you are really made of. If your business is in danger of running out of cash, you must do what you can to save it. This might mean finding an unsecured creditline. Life is not easy for the small business owner. Financial resources like a […]

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What is a Good Solution to Get Business Capital

They say that for every problem, there is a solution. The trick is connecting the line between the two quickly. For example you may need a good solution to get business capital. Typically, you need to understand the cause of a problem before you can create a solution. If your problem is a lack of […]

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