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How Can You Get a Loan Against Your Receivables

As a business owner, you are fortunate to be your own boss and do things your way. However, when you are cash strapped and your back is against the wall, being on your own can be scary and you may need to know how you can get a loan against your receivables. When you are […]

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What’s the Difference Between a Smaller Company Verses a Multi-Million Dollar Company?

*** I have built several multimillion dollars companies and I have many friends who own smaller companies. When I look at the difference between small verses larger businesses, there often are three key things that stand out. The larger companies have built processes, focus on execution and are very focused on their market.  I strongly […]

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Business Entrepreneurship, Roots, the Trunk and Then Branches

Entrepreneurship Skills Don’t Happen Overnight A couple of weeks ago I was talking to my old business coach of 9 years, Jayme. Jayme was saying that she heard something that she thought applied to me in regards to entrepreneurship. When a tree grows at first it grows these strong roots and it isn’t until those […]

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