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What to Do When Your Lead Generation hasn’t been Working (Lead Generation Part 3)

What is it Like to Get a Business Line of Credit in Alabama from a Bank?

April 30, 2019| business owners, lead generation In Part 1 on lead generation, we focused on emphasizing how lead generation (leadgen) is the key to your business whereas in part 2, I wrote about how critical it is to measure all your leadgen sources. Part 3 of this series on leadgen is about what to […]

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If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It ( lead generation part 2)

Quick Tips to Increase Your Gross Revenue

Building a great lead generation system starts with measuring or counting but if done right, a business owner can figure out the key to his business. If you can’t tell how your client came to you then you can’t figure out if that advertising method is working nor can you work on improving it.

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Why Bank Business Line of Credit Interest Rates Are Not a Good Indication of All Your Costs

What You Should Know about Bank Business Line of Credit Interest Rates

In business, there are some trends that serve as a clear indication of where things are headed. With others, you must work to find the true meaning or numbers. For example, bank business line of credit interest rates are not a good indication of all your costs. You have to do your research to discover […]

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How Small Businesses Are Using Spot Factoring Instead of Traditional Factors

Comparison of Spot Factoring vs. Traditional Factors for Small Businesses

More and more small businesses are making use of mobile technology and solutions in order to stay relevant and connect with customers. Small businesses are also using spot factoring instead of traditional factors for greater success and profitability. If you are in need of fast business funding, you might be wondering if using spot factoring […]

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Why Payroll Financing is a Good Idea for Franchise Financing

Starting a business is hard, which is one reason why franchising is so popular. When you have a great, well-working business model, it might prove profitable to expand by sharing it, and payroll financing is a good idea for franchise financing. There are several options for expanding your small business. You might choose to open […]

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