A Line of Credit... Just in Case


Payroll Funding Through a Business Line of Credit

Article summary: A business line of credit is often the first tool a company turns to for emergency payroll funding. With Financing Solutions a business owner or a nonprofit executive director can have their line in place in 48-72 hours allowing you to fund payroll when cash flow is down. Why Payroll Funding is More […]

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How FedEx Contractor Home Delivery Uniforms, Buying of Routes and More Can be Financed

Who Finances FedEx Contractor Home Delivery Uniforms, Buying of Routes, Etc

Today, a business can finance expansion, equipment and even special events. This may lead you to wonder how your FedEx contractor home delivery uniforms, buying of routes and other expenses can be financed. Independent contractors for FedEx are responsible for their own trucks, employees and fuel. As a result, many need to know how FedEx […]

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Going to be short on Business Payroll? Financing Solutions Can Help

One of the best ways to improve your business payroll is to contact Payroll Financing Solutions.

As a small business owner, worry and stress are a fact of life. Nonetheless, if you are concerned that you will be short on business payroll, Financing Solutions can help. It is tough to juggle all the responsibilities of entrepreneurship, such as paying business taxes, managing daily operations and keeping customers happy. Still one of […]

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IRS Business Taxes and Loans

What Are Your Options When it Comes to IRS Business Taxes and Loans?

As a small business owner, there are many things you must be aware of to ensure that you are operating correctly, such as labor laws and health care compliance issues. One of the most important aspects of running a small business is being informed about IRS business taxes and loans. The subject of IRS business […]

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Missing Payroll Taxes Can Bring the IRS to Your Door

An even bigger problem would be missing payroll taxes that can bring the IRS to your door.

If you miss a payment to a vendor, they may choose not to do business with you again and if you miss an opportunity to grow your business, that’s your loss. However, missing payroll taxes can bring the IRS to your door, and that is a situation you never want to be in. Everyone knows […]

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