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Payroll Lines of Credit

One newcomer in the field you may want to watch is the option for payroll lines of credit.

It’s important for small business owners to stay ahead of trends concerning payroll financing, emergency business funding and payroll lines of credit options but often, an executive doesn’t always learn about financing until there is a problem. When it  comes to small businesses and nonprofits, the number one reason why a Line of Credit is […]

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What is an Unsecured Line of Credit

There is really no such thing as security for the small business owner. Even the smallest problem can put your business in danger. Of course, the biggest threat is running out of cash. For that, you can at least get peace of mind with an unsecured line of credit. One major point to realize is […]

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What is an Unsecured Line of Credit Business Loan

The measure of your business is what you do with what you have. To do this successfully, you must take advantage of every possible opportunity. This means learning more about your funding options, such as an unsecured line of business credit loan. Some business owners make snap judgements about funding issues before they have a […]

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7 Benefits of Business Funding

The ability to be your own boss and call all the shots is perhaps the biggest benefit of being a small business owner. But it’s not easy. Business is complicated and imperfect. To survive and thrive, you must also know the biggest benefits of business funding. For your business to be successful, it must be […]

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3 Factors to Consider When You Are Choosing Your Quick Business Funding

In business, you must always consider the future consequences of your actions and decisions today. For example, when choosing quick business funding, you have to consider not only which options are best for your business but why. As a small business owner, your biggest responsibility is keeping your business open. To do this, you must […]

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Why an Unsecured Line of Credit Could Be Better than Financing Equipment

Plenty of people have seen apples fall from trees, but it was Sir Isaac Newton who first asked why. The same can be applied to business. Lots of businesses decide on financing equipment and never ask why. For many, it’s just the way things have always been done so they don’t question it. When you […]

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Why a Business Loan Interest Rate from a Bank is Not the Only Cost to be Concerned About

Why you don’t need to be concerned about a Business Loan Interest Rate

The difference between worry and concern is that worry sees only a problem while concern works to find a solution. For example, you may be worried about the type of business loan interest rate you will get from a bank while instead you should be concerned with other alternatives to a small business loan. When […]

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A Line of Credit is Often a Good Idea When You Are Waiting for a SBA Loan

That’s why you should know that a line of credit is often a good idea for businesses waiting for an SBA loan.

The world of business can change in an instant. Sometimes, all it takes is one good idea to transform your company from okay to outstanding. That’s why you should know that a line of credit is often a good idea for businesses waiting for an SBA loan. Ideas are a dime a dozen but good […]

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