Short term loans

A Quick and Easy Application for a Short Term or Emergency Business Loan

When your company is in the midst of an immediate financial crisis, you don’t have time to shop around for loans and then spend days completing mounds of paperwork. You need a quick and easy application for a short term or emergency business loan and you need it right now. It is great when you […]

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Why Banks Are Bad at Short Term Loans

There are many reasons why banks are bad at short term loans. Among other things, their loan products are typically designed with a long repayment schedule. Traditional banks are a good place to go for many things, such as mortgages and savings accounts. However, when it comes to short term loans, there are better alternatives. […]

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For Short Term Funding, is Payroll Financing the Way to Go?

There are no two butts about it, companies that need short term funding or short term bank funds should be looking at payroll financing or payroll funding  companies to get their fund ( Factors, banks and other forms of financing will 1- take forever to get done, 2- will charge you such a large application and […]

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