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The Click Moment by Frans Johannson, A great book for Entrepreneurs

Over the 25 years I have been in the business world with the last 20 years, building  7 start-up companies. I always felt that my success was completely based on my skills. Although I have achieved some level of success, this last recession has really affected my confidence level. A growing economy makes many look like geniuses and a recession makes people look like fools.

So when I read the first chapter of the Click Moment it really caught my attention and it has been a page turner as well as a great learning experience so far. Johannson leads with the concept that luck places a much more predominate role in our success and gives numerous examples of successful companies and people who were in the right place at the right time. This concept made me feel as if my thought process that hard work, lots of continuous self-improvement, and doing more of the right things can lead to a higher probability of success. I still believe in these things so I couldn’t wait to see how the author was going to tell us how to improve the chance of success.

I kept reading and reading knowing that sooner or later, he would give me the answer and I really thought his point was a good one. His point was successful people tend  to be personable, hardworking and somewhat talented. Creating a click moment, when things take off, has a better chance of happening if you connect with a lot more people, that you can increase your bet of success if you try a lot of different things and that the harder you work, the more productive you will be leading to more opportunities. In summary, it is about meeting lots of people and trying different things until luck shows its pretty face. You also need to recognize an incredible opportunity and then jump on it.

The fact that serendipity plays a big role is success is such a revelation for me because it tells me more about what I need to do to achieve the success I am seeking. Up to this point, I have built 7 profitable companies but it has been a terrible grind with only moments of fun. The largest company got to $7 million for only about 18 months, another of my companies got to $6 million, a 3rd is worth $700,000 because it owns commercial real estate, another is generating about $12,000 per year in profits, my first company was very small but made $100,000 in its first 18 months before I closed it,and the newest is only 6 months old but is taking off. The issue is that none of these companies had scale and could get really big. The click moment just hasn’t happened for any of my business and after reading this book, I don’t feel like my lack of success was based on my lack of talented but that I didn’t have the right opportunity yet.

I’m looking forward to finishing this book but it already has me aware of three things, 1- I need to keep starting companies until something clicks 2- That I need to continue being productive/working hard , 3- That I need to keep meeting talented people.

Now the hard part, actually doing this.


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