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Where to Get Funds to Make Payroll for your Small Business

Sometimes, asking where to get funds to make payroll for your small business can seem like a rhetorical question. You may be happy to learn that alternative lending sources, like Payroll Financing Solutions, have the answer.short term business loan

There are times when cash is short and you worry about whether you will be able to pay your employees this week. During these periods, it is important to know where to get funds so you can make payroll.

Get the Funds You Need to Make Payroll…Now

When you need funds to make payroll for your small business, time is of the essence. You can’t waste time with wrong turns down dead-end alleys and aimless searches. These time-sucking, energy-draining activities could cause you to miss payroll altogether.

To get the fast cash you need to make payroll, trying to get an emergency business loan from a bank is a waste of precious time. Alternative lenders do provide a solution, but even factoring companies may not give you the cash fast enough. For the fastest possible response, look to a cash advance company.

With a cash advance company, like Financing Solutions (www.fundmypayroll.com), you can get your money within 48 hours, in plenty of time to make your payroll. This is accomplished through their very brief application process, where you can get an answer to your funding request in just one day.

All you need to apply is enough account receivables to show as proof that you will be able to repay the money. Unlike a traditional bank loan, you can repay the funds as soon as you obtain the cash. For most small businesses, this takes only a few weeks or months.

Missing Payroll is never an Option

Not being able to make payroll looks like major problems are afoot and could signify long-term troubles. However, as most small business owners know, the reasons why you may miss payroll are usually minor and temporary.

It could be that you have lots of account receivables out there but still need to wait 30, 60 or 90 days for them to be paid. Perhaps you needed to make an emergency, unexpected purchase, such as to fix or replace a key piece of machinery. Sometimes, businesses simply experience seasonal or cyclical changes, creating highs and lows in sales throughout the year.

Any of these issues can create a cash flow shortage. Unlike your customers with account receivables, you do not have the luxury of delaying payment to your employees.

For many small business owners, the biggest joys do not always come from landing a huge client or exceeding a sales benchmark. Often, you are happiest when you realize that you can make payroll for the month.

When you own a small business, you may need to do every job from manager to janitor. Once you start to achieve a bit of success, it’s nice to be able to hire other people to perform some of these tasks and relieve a little of your stress.

Nevertheless, by hiring staff, you could be setting yourself up for the headache caused by needing to make payroll every week or month. Whether your business operates with just two employees or a few hundred, one fact remains constant: they all want to be paid for their work. After all, if you don’t pay your workers, then they are not employees, they are volunteers.

Don’t be stuck worrying and wondering about how you will make payroll. Use a cash advance company to get the funds you need for payroll right now.

The Big Difference between Happy and Unhappy Employees

Happy employees who get paid on time are an asset to your small business. They foster a friendly, healthy working environment and radiate good will, which gets passed on to your customers and clients.

Unhappy employees can damage an organization. They wreak havoc by demonstrating poor performance and trashing your reputation. The current problems that have been created by the dissatisfaction of employees at places like Walmart provide a perfect, textbook-worthy example of how disheartened workers can bring a business to its knees. Their employees even went so far as to threaten to walk out on the busiest shopping day of the year of their concerns were not addressed.

This is a powerful reminder indeed of the critical nature and delicate balance between an organization and its employees. Making payroll is one of the first actions you can take to keep employees happy.

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