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What Financing Solutions Does: Nonprofits Only

We provide Nonprofits with an easy-to-get-in-place Line of Credit, and we work with brokers who have nonprofit clients. Although we do also provide business lines of credit to small businesses we DO NOT work with brokers on those deals. Only nonprofits. Your nonprofit clients need to have at least $400,000 in yearly revenue. We do not work in Nevada, California, or New Jersey. In cases of nonprofits, the executive director, an officer, or a member of the board can sign the final contract as long as they have a 650 credit score. In general, we approve a line of credit for up to $75,000, and the amount approved is approximately 3-5% of the client’s yearly revenue.

How much do you get paid and what do you have to do

We pay brokers up to $500 for each nonprofit client that sets up a line of credit. They do not have to use the credit line for you to get paid. All you need to do is register below. Then, we will email you a unique URL, and you can forward that line of credit application URL to your client. When your client fills out our simple, no document, 2-minute nonprofit line of credit application, we will know it came from you, and if the credit line is set up, we will notify you. You do not need to collect any paperwork, which is typically a recent 990, bank statements, a driver license, and a voided check. We will take care of everything. Once your client fills out the application, we will send them an offer letter or if they are NOT approved, we will let them know why.

Benefits of the credit line for your Nonprofits

  • No cost to set up and no cost until used
  • Inexpensive when used. Can pay off balance at any time
  • Not required to use
  • Renewed yearly at no cost
  • No personal guarantees (except in the cases of fraud) or collateral required
  • 2-minute online application (no credit check to get offer letter)
  • Great cash backup plan for emergencies or opportunities

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