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Fast Small Business Line of Credit Application… Apply Today, Receive an Offer Today!

Costs zero to set up and Zero when not used. Inexpensive when needed.

  • Same-day offer, no credit precheck
  • No documents are required until you accept offer
  • Simple, 2-minute online application to fill out
  • An unsecured business line of credit with no personal guarantees (Excluding fraud of course)
  • Much better than a fixed secured small business loan

Every Business Should Have a Line of Credit… Just in Case

How Does a Business Line of Credit Work?

  • Set up your business line of credit in advance, so it is ready if needed
  • Unsecured business credit lines are often used for short term expenses,
    working capital, or business investment
  • When needed, log into your online customer portal and request a draw
  • Funds wired directly into your business checking account on the same day
  • Pay off the balance at any time by logging back into the portal

How a Small Business Line of Credit With Financing Solutions Can Help

  • Better than using business credit cards
  • Easier than a business loan
  • Very inexpensive and easy to understand
  • Use for essential business expenses like making payroll, completing an important order, etc.
  • Grow your business by making an investment
  • Use instead of your personal funds
  • An excellent cash backup plan for your business

Quick Line of Credit Quote

No Business Owner Ever Regretted Having a Business Credit Line.

4 Easy Steps to Apply

4 Easy Steps to having a great small business line of credit.
A line of credit… just in case

Trusted by Small Businesses Owners
Throughout the United States

Why do thousands of small business owners work with Financing Solutions? Because we understand small businesses and we provide direct business funding. We also understand the business financing landscape, including business lines of credit from commercial banks, small business loans from other business lenders, and even the government SBA business loan process. We look at many parts of your business, so we can say “YES” to a fast business line of credit where others would say “NO”…And we don’t waste your time.

At Financing Solutions, we believe that every business needs a line of credit. Why? Because for many years, our founders have been small business owners, just like you, and we saw the benefit of having a business line of credit.

The Time to Get a Business Line of Credit is
When You Don’t Need It

Costs Nothing to Set Up

No costs to set up or keep in place. Payoff unsecured business credit line whenever you are ready.

A+ & 5-STAR rating

Reputable company with A+ & 5-STAR rating. Much easier and faster than a bank line of credit or bank business loan.

Leading Provider of Lines of Credit

An unsecured small business line of credit. Inexpensive to use, helps manage small business cash flow.

Great Alternative to a Bank Business Loan

Proud provider of minority and women-owned business lines of credit.

Easy 2-Minute Online Application

The fastest setup in the industry, 48-72 hours. Line requests are wired to your bank in minutes. Secured account portal access 24 x 7.

Same Day, No-Obligation Offer Letter

No collateral, personal guarantee, or restrictions required. Credit line renews yearly & easily.

A Good Backup Plan for Cash Flow and Working Capital

Every business has ups and downs in cash flow. We have the best business line of credit because our credit line costs ZERO to set up, ZERO when not being used, and VERY LITTLE when needed. Why not get it in place now, just in case you need it?

You Can, and Probably Will, Talk to Our Owners

Most online lenders make decisions by computer algorithms. We don't. The owners of Financing Solutions have built several businesses themselves and are involved in every approval. You can, and probably will, speak to one of our owners.

A Super Easy Business Line of Credit Application Process

Business owners are busy people. We made the process simple. All you have to do is fill out our 2-minute online application, review and sign an offer letter, and send in simple documents like a Tax return and bank statements. And your business line of credit is there when needed.

What Our Customers
Say About Us:

Trusted by more than 300 customers and some of the biggest brands.

  • We have been with Financing Solutions since 2015 and their service has been fantastic. We use our Business Line of Credit often.

    John Kennedy

    Somerset Home Planning

  • We have a small business line of credit with Financing Solutions since 2017 and it has been great. There is a seasonality to our business so it comes in handy in the spring.

    John Simmons

    Aqua Clean Pools/Spas

  • I have used Financing Solutions Business Line of Credit off and on since 2016 and it always comes in handy when there is a delay in our client payments. It really works as a short-term working capital loan on demand.

    Ron Slack

    J2K Consulting

Why Choose Financing Solutions?

Financing Solutions began operations in 2012. Since then, it has grown to be one of the top direct financing companies in the U.S., providing small business lines of credit and nonprofit lines of credit that are easy, fast, and inexpensive. We require no collateral or personal guarantees. We pride ourselves on our 5-star reviews and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau/Google Reviews.

We understand small businesses and nonprofits

Having built businesses ourselves, we are not from the traditional banking or Wall Street crowd. We know how hard it is to be approved for a traditional bank loan. Financing Solutions is a leading provider of lines of credit to nonprofits, small businesses, churches, and Fedex ISPs in the United States.

A+ company you can trust

We have an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, and our reviews are 5 stars on Google reviews. Unlike our competitors, when you reach out to us, you will talk to real people. Our small business line of credit is easy to access at any time.

A fast & easy process

With no paperwork to fill out, we can quickly give you a good idea if you will be approved for a business line of credit. If you want to move forward, the remaining process is fast & easy, only requiring a few simple-to-get, business cash flow documents.

Forgiving approval standards

We approve many businesses, nonprofits, churches, and FedEx ISPs who thought they would never be able to get a business line of credit because we look at your organization from many angles.

Quick Line of Credit Quote

You will not find a simpler or faster business line of credit application.
Apply today to see what you qualify for.

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A Small Business line of Credit is Your Cash
Backup Plan
for When Bills Have to be Paid

Financing Solutions donates 10% of its profits to nonprofit organizations