Just a FEW of the Industries that have benefited from our Line of Credit Product

Nonprofit Organizations

Not for Profits (501c3) and Religious institutions are always in a tricky situation. They need to continue providing services to those in need, but at times, the government or benefactors can be late in payments. The organization cannot simply close up doors and stop paying their employees.

Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturers are always the last to know when their client has received a large order, but the first to know when the economy is improving. This influx in demand causes problems when it comes to hiring and keeping staff or getting much-needed equipment/parts. Financing Solutions works with manufacturing companies to make sure they can take advantage of the increased demand for their services.

FedEx Contractors

FedEx Contractors often have cash flow issues when their trucks need unexpected repairs or new tires, or when an opportunity comes up. Our Line of Credit product is awesome for those times when one is short on cash and the application process is very fast.

Engineering Firms

Today's banks take forever to approve or increase needed financing. Financing Solutions can also be a backup plan even if your company has an existing bank line of credit or another receivable factor.

Temporary Staffing Companies

Financing Solutions allows companies to respond to a huge increase in business quickly by providing them with flexible funding and allowing them to hire the people they need and cover payroll.

Health Services

Health services companies often have issues with delayed payments from insurance and governmental agencies, especially when dealing with large amounts of money. A line of credit from Financing Solutions helps with an emergency cash backup plan until payment comes in.

Businesses That Do a Lot of Business With the Government

Landing a government contract can be both good and bad for a business owner. Financing Solutions provides such businesses Lines of Credits so that the work the employees are doing continues without any hint of worry.

Concierge Service Companies

Clients are extremely demanding in their service, and the people concierge services hire are critical to their overall success. Financing Solutions provides funding to companies typically within 24 hours.

Quick Line of Credit Quote

Only 2 minutes to complete and no credit check for offer letter. 3,500+ businesses are already pre-approved!

Insurance Agents

Financing Solutions provides a Line of Credit to companies who work with insurance agents, so they can pay these valuable agents in a time of crisis, ensuring no disruption to their successful businesses.

Recreational Companies

Recreational companies often face banking troubles due to the collateral banks require. We solve this problem by offering them growth- and success-oriented Lines of Credit.

Educational Service Companies

Training companies, for-profit schools, and other educational service companies can experience outstripping growth that may catch them by surprise. Financing Solutions can fund the company during these huge growth spurts with a Line of Credit.

Community Banks

Banks often want to help businesses even if they are unable to loan money to that company so the bank will refer their client to us. Financing Solutions can work quickly and does not have the restrictions that a regulatory business or bank does.

Accounting Firms

Accountants will often refer their clients to Financing Solutions due to our ability to see outside the box when funding a company. Accounting firms also have learned to trust us and love that our Line of Credit costs nothing when not being used.

Payroll Processing Companies

We help companies meet payroll in times when speed is of the essence. Or we can set up a Line of Credit so that if the problem comes up down the road, you have a backup plan.

Security Companies

Financing Solutions can help companies by providing funding that helps them meet payroll. As a result, the employees continue to get checks and the company can continue to focus on its growing business.

HR Outsourcing Companies

Financing Solutions recognizes that in order for HR firms to deliver on its work, they need to increase staff. Our Line of Credit product helps them do that quickly and effortlessly.

What Our Customers
Say About Us

Trusted by more than 3000 customers and 5-star rated on google.

  • We have a small business line of credit with Financing Solutions since 2017 and it has been great. There is a seasonality to our business so it comes in handy in the spring.

    John Simmons


  • Our FS Nonprofit Line of Credit has saved us many times helping us bridge the gap between our reimbursements, expenses, and operating grants. We were ecstatic to find FS because bank loans for nonprofits require collateral and personal guarantees while Financing Solutions does not.

    Dr. Bill Anderson

    Executive Director

  • I have used Financing Solutions Business Line of Credit off and on since 2016 and it always comes in handy when there is a delay in our client payments. It really works as a short-term working capital loan on demand.

    Ron Slack

    President of J2K Consulting