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Financing Solutions first began operations in 2012 and has since grown to be one of the top alternative business financing companies in the U.S., providing Lines of Credit, Cash Advances and Debt Restructuring products to all types of for profit and nonprofit businesses. We are very proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, not only because an A+ rating is extremely hard to obtain, but because we believe it showcases our history and culture of treating our customers well and professionally.

The owners of Financing Solutions (Keith Giovannoli and Stephen Halasnik) started the company because of their own personal experiences with building several successful small businesses. For 20 years, they had to deal with the frustrating and tedious process of trying to get loans from local and commercial banks who often didn’t understand small businesses. Financing Soluitons believes that we can provide small business financing and lines of credit to small businesses with sales from $150,000-$10 million better than anyone else.

At most financing businesses, the owners come from Wall Street or the banking industry. At Financing Solutions, the owners came from the entrepreneurial side of business. We know that a business owner’s time is valuable and that you want to find out quickly whether you will be approved and for how much. You also want to have a variety of financing options and you want to get that financing based on the existing business documents that you can easily access. Lastly, you want someone to talk to who understands your business and can be flexible.

Many of the products provided by Financing Solutions were the first of their kind in the industry. Before we came along, no one else was offering lines of credit, overdraft lines of credit and debt restructuring products in the market. We created these products because we know firsthand what smaller business owners want and that other banks were not offering it.

Our customers will tell you that you can, and usually will, talk to one of the owners of Financing Solutions and that our whole team is professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating. What is so unique about our team is we identify with small businesses and the owners who run them. We talk and understand your language unlike a commercial bank. The types of things we look at to approve you goes far beyond the numbers..

Since the great recession, many business owners saw what it was like to not have capital and how that can affect your company’s growth and even survival. Even in good times access to capital is important, not just for the business but also for the business owner’s peace of mind. The owners of Financing Solutions have direct experience in the ups and downs of a small business. Additionally, because we are privately funded, you don’t have to worry about a bank regulator coming to you saying that they need to pull your line of credit or that you will not be approved based on a rigid set of standards.

When was the last time you applied for financing at a bank? If you haven’t recently, you will find that the collateral requirements make it almost impossible to get approved. Also, the speed at which a bank will give you an answer redefines what a snail’s pace means. When applying with Financing Solutions you do not need to pledge any personal collateral and you will know instantly if you are approved. At a commercial bank, could you call and speak directly to the owner of the bank? With Financing Solutions, you can talk to the Owners: Keith (973-917-2015) and Stephen (973-917-2019) at any time. They will understand your business, relate to your issues and get to know you personally.

This is the way banking used to be. At Financing Solutions, it still is.

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