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Financing Solutions began operations in 2012 and has since grown to be one of the top direct financing companies in the U.S. providing small business lines of credit and nonprofit lines of credit that are easy, fast, and inexpensive. We require no collateral or personal guarantees. We are very proud of our 5-star reviews and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau/Google Reviews.

Our Owners

The owners of Financing Solutions (Stephen Halasnik and Keith Giovannoli) started the company because of their own personal experiences with the frustrating and tedious process of trying to get business loans and business lines of credit from local and commercial banks themselves.

Banks often don’t understand small businesses and nonprofit organizations. We believe that Financing Solutions can provide lines of credit to small businesses and nonprofits with yearly revenue from $100,000-$10 million better than anyone else because we have built several businesses ourselves. We are from the building businesses and not the Wall Street crowd.

Our Team

Our customers will tell you that you can, and usually will talk to one of the owners of Financing Solutions and that our whole team is professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating. What is so unique about our team is we identify with our clients. We talk and understand your language, unlike a commercial bank we are passionate about the idea that Everyone Should Have a Business Line of Credit…Just In Case, so we have broken down all the barriers to having a cash backup plan.

Our Business Line of Credit Program:

  • Costs nothing to set up
  • Cost nothing when not being usedBusiness line of credit
  • Requires no collateral
  • Requires no personal guarantee
  • Is easy to get in place
  • Renewals yearly easily
  • Is inexpensive when used
  • Can be paid back at any time
  • Is the perfect cash backup plan

Simple 2-Minute Online Application

We know that your time is valuable and that you want to find out quickly whether you will be approved so our online application is a short 2-minutes long with no credit check or documents required. If you decide to move forward after reviewing our offer, we ask for some easy-to-get existing business documents and your line will be set up ready when and if you need it.

The Time to Get a Business Line of Credit is When You Don’t Need One

Since the great recession and pandemic, many business and nonprofit leaders saw what it was like to not have access to capital and how that can affect your organization’s growth and even survival. Even in good times, access to capital is important, not just for day-to-day business but also for your peace of mind. Nonprofit Line of Credit

When was the last time you applied for financing at a bank? If you haven’t recently, you will find that the collateral, personal guarantee, and credit requirements make it almost impossible to get approved. Also, the speed at which a bank will give you an answer redefines what a snail’s pace means, plus it is very expensive.

At a commercial bank, could you call and speak directly to the owner of the bank? With Financing Solutions, you can talk to the Owners: Stephen (973-917-2019) or Keith (973-917-2015) at any time.

This is the way banking used to be. At Financing Solutions, it still is.

Interested in seeing how much you qualify for? Click below and fill out our two-minute application to get a no-obligation written quote.

Businesses Line of Credit Application

Nonprofit Line of Credit Application 

Financing Solutions donates 10% of its profits to nonprofit organizations

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