A Line of Credit... Just in Case


Quick Line of Credit Quote

Easy Line of Credit For Businesses & Nonprofits

My Business Line of Credit from Financing Solutions was easy to get in place  and I use it if our clients are late in paying us.

Jack Jacoby

Jack Jacoby
Staffing Company

We always use our Financing Solutions Line of Credit during months when there are 3 payroll periods. It has been so valuable”

Jennifer McHale

Jennifer McHale

We use our line of credit when we are gearing up for a new job and we pay it off when our clients send their payments. It’s really flexible” .

Frank Burns

Frank Burns
Manufacturing Company

The Time to Get a Line is When You Don’t Need It

  • NO costs to setup or keep in place
  • Use your Line whenever needed
  • Easy 2 minute online application
  • Inexpensive when used
  • No personal guarantee
  • Renews yearly, easily
  • NO collateral or restrictions required
  • Leading provider of Lines to Small Business
  • Reputable company with A+ & 5 star rating
  • Line requests wired to your bank in minutes
  • Payoff Line whenever you are ready
  • Secured account portal access 24 x 7


4 Easy Steps to Having A Great Backup Plan


Request a line of credit just in case in 4 easy steps

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    We understand small businesses and nonprofits

    We are not from the traditional banking or wall street crowd having built business ourselves and we are a leading provider of Lines of Credit to nonprofits.

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    A+ company you can trust

    We have an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau and our reviews are 5 stars. Unlike our competitors, there are real people you will talk to.

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    A fast & easy process

    With no paperwork to fill out, we can give you a good idea if you will be approved for a Line of Credit. If you want to move forward, the remaining process is fast & easy.

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    Forgiving approval standards

    We approve many businesses & nonprofits who thought they would never be able to get a Line of Credit because we look at your organization from many angles.


I have used FS Line of Credit off and on since 2016 and it always comes in handy when there is a delay in our client payments.

Ron Slack, President

We used to sweat out cash flow issues but we use our line now. It has completely reduced the stress in our office.

Lisa Conlan Lewis, Executive Director

A Line of Credit… Just in case



Financing Solutions A line of credit… Just in case a proud member of the Turnaround management association

Quick Line of Credit Quote