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Finally, A Line of Credit for NonProfits

We use to stress out when payroll was due at certain times of the year and our nonprofit grants were delayed. Now, we just use our Financing Solutions nonprofit line of credit and pay it back in a few weeks.

John Haines

John Haines
Executive Director, At risk children Nonprofit

At the end of our fiscal year the state always delays our funding. We can’t just stop helping our clients so we use our Nonprofit Line of Credit to bridge that gap.

Joanne Dillion

Joanne Dillion
Executive Director, Disability Care Nonprofit

We use our Nonprofit Line of Credit as a backup plan and the best part about it is the line doesn’t cost anything until we use it. We also don’t have to keep going back to our nonprofit board for a loan. 

Chip Jones

Chip Jones
Executive Director, Inner city development Nonprofit


The Time to Get a Credit Line is When You Don’t Need It

  • NO costs to set up or keep in place
  • Use your nonprofit credit Line whenever needed
  • Easy 2-minute online application
  • Inexpensive when used
  • No personal guarantee
  • Renews yearly, easily
  • Great option to a church loan or church mortgage
  • NO collateral or restrictions required
  • Leading provider of Credit Lines to nonprofits & churches
  • Reputable company with A+ & 5-star rating
  • Line requests wired to your bank in minutes
  • Payoff line whenever you are ready
  • Secured account portal access 24 x 7


4 Easy Steps to Having A Great Cash Backup Plan


  • Financing Solutions a line of credit from a business partner you can trust

    We understand Nonprofits & Churches

    Most nonprofits & churches have ups and downs in cash flow due to delayed collections, reimbursements, grants, and fundraising. A Nonprofit Line of Credit can greatly help your organization…and your peace of mind. 

  • Line Of Credit For Non Profits

    A company you can trust

    We have an “A+” & 5 star rating from the Better Business Bureau. As the leader in Nonprofit Lines of Credit & Church Financing, we have 100’s of nonprofit clients just like you.

  • Financing Solutions Non Profit Credit Line A+ rated

    A fast & easy process

    Answer a few questions and we will send you an offer in writing. If you decide to move forward with your nonprofit line of credit, we will then ask for a few easy-to-get documents. 

  • Fast and easy line of credit

    No cost to you

    Unlike a bank loan for nonprofits, the nonprofit line of credit doesn’t cost anything to set up or until used, making it a great cash backup plan. Many of our nonprofit & church clients get their Line of Credit in place before it is needed so if needed later, it is immediately available.


Our FS Nonprofit Line of Credit has saved us many times helping us bridge the gap between our reimbursements, expenses, and operating grants. We were ecstatic to find FS because bank loans for nonprofits require collateral and personal guarantees while Financing Solutions does not.

Dr Bill Anderson, Executive Director

We use to sweat out cash flow issues but we use our nonprofit line of credit now. It has completely reduced the stress in our office and acts like a short-term, inexpensive business loan for our nonprofit organization.

Lisa Conlan Lewis, Executive Director

Budgeting for nonprofit organizations is always a challenge because things often change. A nonprofit credit line from Financing Solutions allows you to not have to be perfect.

Nonprofit finance used to be hard to be approved for because banks always want personal guarantees, we don’t. There are no personal guarantees or collateral required.

Nonprofits have always wanted to be able to get small business loans from banks or the government SBA to help their organizations but can’t. A Nonprofit Line of Credit from Financing Solutions now gives you that tool.

Funding for nonprofits can sometimes come in sporadically but expenses are often fixed. A nonprofit credit line costs nothing until used making it a great cash backup plan.

When the opportunity to win grants for your nonprofits comes up, you sometimes have to invest some time and money to win. A nonprofit line of credit allows you to make that investment

When a nonprofit runs into problems often a loan from a board member or donor is offered. That is a tricky situation. The Nonprofit Line of Credit helps you avoid that conflict.

Government funding or reimbursements often fluctuate when they are paid. You know the money is coming in but your programs need to continue. Your nonprofit credit line reduces that stress.

Nonprofits leadership means propelling the vision forward. Financially, government grants, donations, and foundations can all do that. However, a Line of credit for your nonprofit can help you make a timely investment.


A Nonprofit Line of Credit… Just in case

Financing Solutions donates 10% of its profits to nonprofit organizations.


Quick Line of Credit Quote