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Where to Find Forgivable Loan For Nonprofit

Where to Find Forgivable Loan For Nonprofit Like businesses, nonprofits usually face financial difficulties in troubling times such as recession or national emergency. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic put many […]


Running an Integrated Fundraising and Marketing Team For Your Nonprofit With Rita Soronen. Nonprofit MBA 6.12

While both fundraising and marketing are crucial components of a nonprofit’s success, they are often seen as separate entities. But the truth is that they are deeply interconnected and should […]


What Types of Loans For Nonprofits Make Sense

Nonprofit organizations are crucial in addressing social and environmental issues even as they embark on community development programs. However, like businesses, nonprofits also need loans to carry out their numerous […]

Short-Term Business Financing

3 Pitfalls to Know When Lending Money to a Nonprofit

Like businesses, nonprofit organizations sometimes need money in the form of loans for working capital, payment of bills, or to make strategic investments. Loans or lines of credit help a […]

Nonprofits employees salaries

How to Finance a Nonprofit Organization

The issue of funding has remained a constant source of worry to nonprofit leaders: How much do we need? Where do we get it? And how do we get it? […]