A Line of Credit... Just in Case

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Where to Look for an Emergency Business Loan

MOST BUSINESSES NEEDING AN EMERGENCY BUSINESS LOANS START WITH A LOCAL BANK Every business owner has been there, you need an emergency business loan and you go to your local bank and talk to the bank officer. It might be the branch you deal with now or it might a bank you have never been […]

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When To Start Looking for a New Business

Why the New Ways of Getting a Small Business Line of Credit is better

When is the best time to actually start looking for a new business? The answer always comes down to one answer: NOW. Author, Stephen Halasnik is a serial entrepreneur having built 7 successful businesses in the $5-$20 million revenue per year range over the last 25 years.

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What to Do When Your Lead Generation hasn’t been Working (Lead Generation Part 3)

What is it Like to Get a Business Line of Credit in Alabama from a Bank?

April 30, 2019| business owners, lead generation In Part 1 on lead generation, we focused on emphasizing how lead generation (leadgen) is the key to your business whereas in part 2, I wrote about how critical it is to measure all your leadgen sources. Part 3 of this series on leadgen is about what to […]

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What Types of Business Loans Are Out There

What Types of Business Loans Are Offered By Banks

There are many types of businesses in this country. What they all have in common is the need for fast business cash. This may lead you to wonder what types of business loans are out there for all these companies. In business, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why you need to know what types […]

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What is the Difference Between a Business Cash Advance and a Business Loan

Is There Really a Difference between a Business Cash Advance and a Business Loan?

As a small business owner, you are constantly concerned about the difference between a hard working employee and a slacker or a profitable month versus a slow sales cycle. Nevertheless, you may not often think about the difference between a business cash advance and a business loan. When you need cash to make payroll or […]

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In a Business Loan, What is Debt to Income or Sales Ratio

What is a good debt to income or sales ratio

It seems there is no end to the information and terms you must understand as a small business owner. For example, when seeking a business loan, you must know the specifics of debt to income or sales ratio. The ability to get fast business financing could mean the difference between keeping and losing your business. […]

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Where Can a Chiropractor Get a Business Loan

How Can a Chiropractor Get a Business Loan?

Professional athletes rely on chiropractors for their careers and even many regular people swear by the benefits of their techniques. However, most don’t think about what happens when the chiropractor needs help, such as where can a chiropractor get a business loan. Although they help heal the sick and align your spine, a chiropractor is […]

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Where to Get a Business Loan When You Have Bad Credit

Is it Possible to Get a Business Loan When You Have Bad Credit?

For small businesses, the ability to borrow money is often what separates the successful from the unfortunate. Therefore, you may find it crucial to know where you can get a business loan when you have bad credit. As any entrepreneur knows, the deck is already stacked against you when it comes to securing fast business […]

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