Baseball pitcher Satchel Paige once joked that he was so fast that he could turn off the light switch and be in the bed before the room gets dark. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get business capital that fast? Even better, it would be wonderful if you can get a business creditline that is fast, easy, and inexpensive.Financing Solutions truly does have a creditline that is easy, inexpensive and fast.

They say that everything seems impossible until someone does it.  You may find it helpful to know that Financing Solutions’ business creditline has a 2-minute online application with no credit check with an approval answer in the same day. 

What is a business creditline?

A business creditline is a line of credit that preapproves your business for a certain amount of money that you can have access to at any time for any reason. A business credit line is often used to make payroll, pay an important expense or take advantage of a new business opportunity when cash flow is temporary down.

The Benefits of a Business Creditline

Improve your cash flow management – money fluctuations can be seasonal or unpredictable. This can leave you unable to pay bills, meet payroll or purchase inventory.

Make large purchases – having flexibility with your money is crucial. There are times when you need to buy something that is too expensive to put on a credit card. On the other hand, you don’t want the hassle of taking out a business bank loan for it. A line of credit falls in the middle.

An instant business line of credit– tough times happens for all businesses at some time. It might be a major piece of equipment that breaks down or a natural disaster that knocks out power. Whatever it is, your business needs cash to manage it and one of the best is a line of credit.


Who Offers a Fast, Easy and Inexpensive Business Creditline?

Where you turn for a credit line is just as important as what you use it for. Today, more and more small businesses are turning to alternative finance companies, like Financing Solutions because they don’t have complicated approval standards. Alternative leaders don’t lend government money but private investors funds.

Financing Solutions truly does have a business creditline that is easy, inexpensive and fast.

Easy: You don’t need to pledge collateral or have an excellent credit score. Even if you have less than perfect credit, you are still eligible for their instant business line of credit. Best of all, they don’t require personal guarantees).

Fast: From start to finish, their entire process takes 48 hours or less. You start by answering a few simple questions online. Then, they will send you an offer letter explaining how much money you can get. If you decide to move forward, only then will they check your credit. They will also ask for some easy to obtain documents to support your application. Once everything checks out, they will quickly wire the money to your account. And that’s it.

Inexpensive:  It costs nothing to apply. Unlike banks or other companies, they will not weigh you down with fees and charges. In fact, you pay nothing until you actually withdraw the money from your line. Then, you only repay what you use, not the whole amount. Most importantly, the creditline is a revolving business line of credit. This means that once you repay the money, it becomes available for you to use again and again.

When it comes to flexible, short term business funding, nothing beats a line of credit from Financing Solutions. Every business should have one, just in case.