Entrepreneur MBA Podcast

The Entrepreneur MBA Podcast aims to help business owners and their staff build their company past the $10 million in revenue per year benchmark.

Angel funding for small businesses

Angel and VC Funding for Small Businesses: What They Will Be Looking For. Entrepreneur MBA Podcast 2.9

Summary:  Early-stage startup business owners typically have a dream or an idea that they can not support with their own money. An angel investor could get a business the funds […]

Financial measurements

Financial Measurements: What a Business Owner Should be Watching. Entrepreneur MBA Podcast 2.8

Summary: When running your business, you may develop blind spots that pinpoint the very reason your business is not able to scale. Identifying the key performance indicators that drive your […]

budgeting and planning for business

Why Budgeting and Planning is so Important for Businesses. Entrepreneur MBA Podcast 2.7

Summary: It is important that your company has clear financial plans and an understanding of your operating budget. Most businesses fail due to insufficient funds and poor money management. Raz […]

small business leadership

Important Leadership Skills of Successful Small Business Owners: Entrepreneur MBA Podcast 2.6

Summary: Jayme Dill has been a business coach for 20 years and has worked with a ton of business owners. Jayme talks about the leadership skills that an entrepreneur must […]

market research for small businesses

Leveraging Market Research for Small Business Owners: Entrepreneur MBA Podcast 2.5

Summary: According to David Steen from Orchid Black, small businesses that do some market research are the ones that have the best potential to grow. A lot of these same […]