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Church Financing: Are You Looking For Short Term or Long Term Financing?

Like every organization, churches need financing to carry out their numerous undertakings seamlessly. Besides teaching morals, preaching the gospels, and performing marriages, funerals, and baptisms, many churches also perform charitable […]

church loan requirements

What are Church Loan Requirements?

When it comes time to finance your church project, preparation is critical. Understanding church loan requirements can help your organization secure the funding you need. Whether the organization is a […]

church line of credit

Church Line of Credit: How to Use It

Why do most organizations automatically apply for a bank loan to get them through a cash-flow rough patch when a church line of credit could better fit their needs? The […]

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Church Loan vs. Church Line of Credit: What’s The Difference?

When seeking church financing, church officials need to understand their options and decide whether a church loan or church line of credit would better serve their immediate funding needs. Here’s […]


All The Best Options for Church Financing

Is your house of worship in need of church financing? Do you have an older facility in desperate need of repair or renovation? Or do you need money so you […]