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market nonprofit

How to Market Your Nonprofit in the New Normal

The covid pandemic has put a strain on nonprofit organizations and it’s typical operations, making it hard for nonprofits to keep steady revenue streams during these turbulent times. It is […]

Nonprofit board

State of Nonprofit Board Chairs: Preparing, Selecting, Supporting. Nonprofit MBA Podcast 2.10

Summary: There is no doubt that serving as a committee chair comes with significant board leadership and decision-making tasks. However, it is not just a chairperson’s responsibility to use their […]

Nonprofit volunteer management

Volunteer Management for Understaffed Nonprofits

The Covid pandemic has created a situation in which already understaffed nonprofits are working tirelessly with even fewer resources and murkier futures. Burnout was a major issue in the nonprofit […]

nonprofit strategic partnerships

Strategic Partnerships So Your Nonprofit Can Survive. Nonprofit MBA Podcast 2.9

Summary: Strategic partnerships are used in the for-profit world quite often. However, strategic partnerships can also be used in the non-profit and social service sectors as well. These partnerships can […]

nonprofit lead and manage

How to Manage and Lead Your Nonprofit Employees. Nonprofit MBA Podcast 2.8

Summary: There is a lot of overlap between being in a leadership position and being in a management position. Leadership development is a journey that takes lots of determination as […]