A Line of Credit... Just in Case


Best Business Loans for Small Businesses

Can your business wait 6 months for an answer about financing? Are you are willing to fill out a lot of paperwork? Do you have tons of collateral and assets? Does your income statement/balance sheet look solid? For companies like this, then the best business loans for small businesses is from a bank. However, you […]

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How To Apply Today for a Line of Credit for Your Business or Nonprofit Business

Having business knowledge is not enough. You must apply what you learn to make your business better. For example, knowing about a line of credit for your business or nonprofit business will do you no good unless you take the next step and apply today for one. There are few things that you can immediately […]

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Business Line of Credit Uses

A winner in business is someone who recognizes a need and then uses their knowledge and skills to build a company to meet that need. To keep that company afloat, you may need to know some business line of credit uses. In America, everyone has the tools and resources necessary to succeed. It’s how you […]

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Nonprofit Organizations Are Now Benefiting from a Line of Credit

Most people make their contributions to their favorite charities during the holiday season and, of course, nonprofit organizations accept those gifts graciously. What many donors don’t know is that most nonprofits really struggle with cash flow throughout the year. Executive Directors of nonprofits are now turning to a Line of Credit from Financing Solutions, which […]

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Understanding the Benefits of Opening a Business Line of Credit

Writer Napoleon Hill said “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” In other words, even if your business is struggling right now, there are lessons to be learned. For example, when you are having cash flow issues, you need to understand the benefits of opening […]

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Can a Nonprofit Organization Write Off Interest Payments on a Loan

When can a nonprofit organization write off interest payments on a loan is one of them.

They say that to know your own story, you must write it yourself. If you are doing your own taxes, you must know can a nonprofit organization write off interest payments on a loan. Although nonprofit organizations are tax exempt, there are still issues with the IRS that you must contend with in order to […]

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Easier to Get Line of Credit is Helping Small Businesses Manage Business Finances

How Getting a Line of Credit Helps Small Businesses Manage Business Financing Easier

The world of small business never gets easier; you just get better at navigating it. When you know that getting a line of credit helps small businesses manage business financing, you are well on your way to smooth sailing. They say you shouldn’t wish for easier problems. Instead, you should acquire the right skill set […]

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1st Hand Experiences: Dealing With a Bank for a Line of Credit

Using our personal experiences dealing with banks, we have been able to build an alternative financing company that approves direct lines of credit to small businesses by being faster, cheaper and more flexible.

I believe I can share my personal experiences about what banks will look for to approve your business for a line of credit or a business loan. Over the past 25 years, I have built seven successful companies. While building these businesses, I’ve had numerous experiences dealing with banks to get a business line of […]

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What Are Some Financing Methods for Small Businesses

Financing Methods You Should Consider

Financing methods for small businesses come and go. What used to be ideal in the past might be obsolete now, like relying on banks. Your business cannot grow if you are standing still. Methods change and your business must change with them. For instance, there have been many financing methods for small businesses over the […]

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What is the Maximum Business Line Offered by Financing Solutions

Is the Maximum Business Line Different for Various Lenders?

Baseball great Buck Rodgers said, “There are countless ways of attaining greatness, but any road to reaching one’s maximum potential must be built on a commitment to excellence and a rejection of mediocrity.” To reach the pinnacle of success for your business, you may need to know the maximum business line you can get from […]

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