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Why a Chase Business Line of Credit Isn’t Worth Applying For

One good piece of business advice is worth ten thousand bad suggestions. Therefore, you should be aware that a Chase business line of credit is probably not worth applying for.Are There Alternatives to a Chase Business Line of Credit?

The way you operate your business determines your success. You can have the greatest product in the world but your company will be worth nothing unless you can find the right lender for quick business financing. Instead of wasting your time applying for a Chase business line of credit, you should discover better options.


The Truth about a Chase Business Line of Credit

Applying for a Chase business line of credit is ideal when you need quick access to short term business cash. However, it’s important to remember that Chase is still a bank and, as such, there are numerous disadvantages.

If you haven’t ever applied for a bank line of credit before you are in for a rude awakening on just how hard it is. When you think of getting a fast business loan, the first place you may think of is a bank.

We all think that if we go to the bank and we show them our business plan that the bank will give us money. After all, you have a solid, successful business, and isn’t that what banks are there for?

What most business owners learn is that the process is tedious and frustrating. In the end, the bank will want to see collateral to back up 100 percent of the bank line of credit.

A Chase business line of credit is especially challenging because they are dealing with such huge numbers of applications. As a result, when you are turned down, it will take months for you to understand why.

In addition, they charge a fee if your balance drops below $50,000. This can prove problematic to most small businesses.


Are There Alternatives to a Chase Business Line of Credit?

A Chase business line of credit isn’t the only game in town. Many small businesses are now finding success with business cash advance companies, like Financing Solutions (www.financingsolutionsnow.com).

At Financing Solutions, you can get an unsecured business line of credit in place in less than 48 hours. Best of all, they don’t ask for a ton of collateral or personal guarantees.

They understand the unique challenges faced by the small business owner and will work with you to find the right small business financing solution for you. Most importantly, they offer a fast and easy application process and quick decisions.


Things worth Spending Time on for the Success of Your Business

  1. Blogging. The world of an entrepreneur can be solitary. Blogging helps you connect with customers, investors and other CEOs to demonstrate your expertise and attract interest in your company.
  2. Trade shows. Sure there may be hassles, cost and time commitments, but this is minor compared to the possible contacts, press coverage and chance to openly spy on the competition. Just make sure you choose the right trade show opportunities.
  3. Finding the ideal source for immediate business financing. Contact Financing Solutions today for better cash flow tomorrow.

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