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Banks don’t provide fast business loans

Financing Solutions provides a variety of business financing such as Lines of Credit, Cash Advances and Debt Restructuring in 48 hours or less so you can have working capital when you need it. Our program is specifically designed to be fast, easy, inexpensive, and short term.  We provide working capital to companies that are proven to be profitable but have a  temporary cash need. Why? Because we know that there are always ups and downs in the cash flow for every business.  Unlike traditional factors or banks, we are privately funded and therefore have the flexibility to help many good companies that banks and factors simply will not work with due to today’s strict underwriting rules. In addition,  other financial companies want a long term relationship and are therefore, very expensive. Financing Solution can help you in the short or long term.

You’re a good profitable business but need help, fastFind out about our options and get an easy emergency business loan fast!

Looking for emergency business finance? If you have a good profitable business and your reasons for needing an emergency business loan is sound, then we will provide financing and put payment terms in place that allow you to easily pay us back over time or when you get that large receivable in.

Already using a factor, bank or alternative lender, that’s not a problem.

If you are looking into using other financing, they might take as long as 90 days to fund your receivables and will only fund 80% of those receivables that are qualified for 90 days or less.  Not much of an emergency business loan program if it takes 60-90 days to get in place, is it? Plus you may not like that traditional factors will contact ALL your clients to make sure your receivables are real sending a signal to your clients that something is wrong. Lastly, a traditional factor really wants a long term relationship with you meaning that if you have a short term cash flow issue, a traditional factor is the wrong solution and you will be paying a lot for their funds.

Likewise, Bank emergency business loans can take a long time to get in place and today’s regulatory environment makes it very challenging for banks to loan money especially in an emergency business funding situation.  Even if you get a bank loan it maybe limited to a smaller amount than you need and every year or quarter, you will be asked to produce proof that your line is worthy of renewal. Lastly, a bank will ask for you to personally sign for the loan putting your house and other personal assets at risk.

Financing Solutions is fast and  flexible. Contact us today at 862-207-4118 or fill out our simple online 2 minute application and tell us about your business and what you are looking for. We are very flexible and can come up with a funding solution to help you.

Comparison of Financing Solutions verses Factoring or Bank Loans
Financing Solutions Traditional Factoring Bank
How long will it take me to get a line of credit, cash advance or debt restructuring? 1-3 days 14-60 days 60-120 days
How long do I have to commit? Use whenever you like 3 years Yearly
Which option will cost me the least?
Short term need (<6 months) Best Choice Expensive & Time consuming Expensive & Time consuming
Financing (long term>12 months) Not applicable Not applicable Yes
Does the lender contact my clients? Not necessarily Yes No
Will the lender file liens against my business and interests? Not necessarily Yes Yes
What if my customer does not pay his factored invoice? NA Factor takes back the   loan>90days and you owe the factor NA
Are there large upfront fees? No Yes, can be substantial Yes, yearly
How much can I borrow? unlimited 80% of your recievables depends on assets
Can I pay the funding off early? Yes No Yes
funds money to all industries? Yes Industry specializes No
Do I control my receivables/payments from my customers? Yes No – payments directly to Factor Yes
Is there a lot of paperwork needed? No Yes Yes

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