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FedEx Ground ISP Contractors and Interstate Companies Need a Line of Credit Just in Case

Having working capital or financing in place is critical for all businesses to excel. It allows you to take advantage of opportunities and to address unexpected expenses. This is especially important for existing  FedEx Ground ISP Contractors and interstate companies, who should consider having a line of credit in place for emergencies or opportunities.

For your FedEx Ground ISP or interstate trucking company, you probably carry things like a universal power adapter to charge smart devices in case of a power outage and spare parts in case your vehicle breaks down but it is also crucial to prepare for unforeseen financial situations and a line of credit will do just that.

Why Financing Solutions is the Place to turn for a Line of Credit

  • Our line of credit costs nothing to set up and nothing until you use it
  • Our current FedEx Ground ISP Contractor clients keep there line in place year after year as a backup plan
  • We are here to talk or answer any questions you have. You are always dealing with a person and we really know your business.
  • When you are looking to purchase additional routes, you will have the funds available for a down payment.
  • Banks and other alternative lenders don’t like to give money to FedEx ground contractor companies because of the seasonality of your business but we like working with you
  • We really understand your business and know all about PSAs and other issues.

How a Line of Credit from Financing Solutions Works

When you want to draw against your line you will visit our online portal and request funds. It will be wired via ach to your bank same or next day. You can also just call us or email us to draw on funds.

You can pay back your line whenever you want or just make the minimum weekly payment. We take minimum weekly payments on the day that FedEx pays you so you don’t have to worry about having a low balance.

Why FedEx Ground ISP Contractors and Interstate Companies Need a Line of Credit

  • unexpected repairs on trucks
  • purchasing of used trucks
  • putting down payment on new routes or PSAs
  • allowing owners to take some money out of business for personal use
  • upgrading of office
  • bringing on new employees
  • handle the seasonality of your business which ramps up in November.

What FedEx Ground ISP Contractors Need to Know about Getting a Line of credit

  • Your line of credit is tax deductible
  • Our Line of Credit is Easy to set up
  • You must be an existing FedEx contractor
  • Send over 4 months of bank statements, recent tax return, driver license and voided check
  • We will do a credit check, looking for a score of 625 or greater
  • Will approve your company for $5,000-$100,000 depending on revenue





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