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Commercial Banks Requirements for Business Lines of Credit

What are Typical Business Lines of Credit Requirements from Commercial Banks

Typical Business Lines of Credit Requirements from Commercial Banks Understanding the typical requirements for a business line of credit is essential for any business owner seeking this form of financing. […]

Strategies to getting Funds For Payroll

What’s the Quickest Way to Get Funding For Payroll

The Quickest Ways to Get Funding For Payroll Maintaining a steady cash flow to ensure timely payroll can sometimes become a challenge in business. When paychecks are on the line, […]

used fedex truck financing

3 Tips for Negotiating Better Rate with FedEx for Your ISP 

As a FedEx contractor, the success of your ISP enterprise is hugely dependent on your ability to negotiate a favorable contract. A satisfactory operating agreement will significantly contribute to the […]

FedEx ISP routes

Preparing to Sell Your FedEx ISP Route? Here’s What You Need to Do

There are several reasons you may want to sell your FedEx ISP routes—you want to retire, buy another business, or have too many routes to handle. However, no matter the […]

How Does Financing Solutions Help Owner/Operators Buy Used FedEx Trucks

How to Finance Your FedEx Route

As of May 2020, FedEx fully transitioned to an independent service provider (ISP) model, requiring route owners to operate both ground and home delivery routes. The new ISP guidelines also […]