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Financing Solutions Managing Partner Featured on ProfitFirst Podcast

Financing Solutions, Managing partner, Stephen Halasnik, was a guest speaker on ProfitFirst’s well respected weekly podcast. Mr. Halasnik spoke extensively about how commercial and local banks make decisions about approving businesses and nonprofits for a bank line of credit and the obstacles that are often in the way to an organization being approved. Mr. Halasnik, also spoke about alternatives to using a commercial bank that makes it easier for organizations to have a line of credit which can be used as a safety net when one is short of working capital or when there is an emergency loan needed for items such as payroll, rent, inventory or other business emergencies or opportunities. The podcast, both informative, light-hearted, and funny, can be heard here.

Mike Michalowicz and Ron Saharyan cohost a weekly podcast

ProfitFirst, Co-Owned by esteemed author Mike Michalowicz and Managing Partner & Co-Founder Ron Saharyan  provides coaching and instructions on how accountants, bookkeepers and business coaches can help their clients, business owners, drive profits. Profitfirsts podcast is the leading provider of advice to help financial advisors brand and build their own organizations. There have been over 195 episodes of profitfirsts podcasts.

Financing Solution Innovative Line of Credit Product

Financing Solutions has been a leader over several years in providing Lines of Credit to business and nonprofits. Businesses typically that qualify are in the $300,000 to $7 million revenue per year range and are approved for up to a $100,000 line of credit. Financing Solutions line of credit product is revolutionary in that it only takes 2 minutes to fill out an online application with an offer letter being sent in hours resulting in a line of credit being set up in 48 hours. The Line of Credit costs nothing to set up and nothing until used making it a great backup plan for businesses or nonprofits that are short on cash usually due to a delayed client payment or other issues. There are no restrictions on what the line of credit can be used for. Financing Solutions line of credit also requires no collateral and no personal guarantees.

Serial Entrepreneurs Who Have Never Been Happy with Status Quo

A serial entrepreneur with several businesses under their belt, Managing Partner’s Stephen Halasnik and Keith Giovannoli, designed it’s Line of Credit product to address every area that annoyed them when they have had to apply for a line of credit or business loan with a commercial bank. Mr. Halasnik commented, “it always amazed me what banks looked at to approve businesses for a line of credit or a business loan. It is just so obvious that commercial banks just don’t want to work with small businesses or nonprofits. We are kind of evangelists when it comes to a business being able to have a place to turn to when they have a cash issue”

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