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Where to Get NPO Funding for an Existing Nonprofit

Vince Lombardi said, “The achievements of an organization are the combined efforts of each individual.” As CEO of a nonprofit, your contribution to the success of your organization is obtaining NPO funding. But where do you turn?The best decision you can make about NPO funding is where to get it.

Every existing non profit organization (NPO) with yearly revenue greater than $350,000 will have issues with cash flow. This is due to the fact that most have a fixed monthly payroll and programs but receive state and federal grants or other checks once or twice per year. NPO funding is the answer.

What Can NPO Funding Do for Your Organization

You know everything there is to know about your nonprofit, its mission and helping those in need. It’s less likely that you know how beneficial NPO funding can be in helping you achieve success.

For one thing, nonprofit funding options are not always flexible. Fast not for profit loans and grants often have restrictions for how you can spend the money. As a result, you might have plenty of cash to start programs but none for meeting payroll.

In addition, it takes time to actually receive money from nonprofit organization loans. This means that even when you know you will have enough cash flow, you can’t spend it yet.

Who Offers NPO Funding for an Existing Nonprofit

There is a way to bridge the gap. A line of credit from Financing Solutions (www.financingsolutionsnow.com) is such a valuable tool and resource.

Getting funding for a nonprofit organization is typically time consuming and difficult. With Financing Solutions, you get a fast and easy application process. More importantly, they make quick funding decisions, so you can have you money in less than 48 hours.

They work with nonprofits all the time, so they understand your unique challenges and circumstances. Therefore, they offer numerous funding resources for your nonprofit organization, including cash advances and other financial products to help with uneven cash flow.

Making the Right Decisions about NPO Funding

A nonprofit business is, first and foremost, a business. As such, you must make the right decisions about your funding. Where you get it, how you manage it and having a strategic financial perspective are all aspects that will determine whether your nonprofit survives or fails.

One thing you must do is plan ahead. Rushing around and making rash decisions will cause you to spend your not for profit financing recklessly. Don’t process with plans unless the numbers make sense. Know how much funding you need to complete your objectives, exactly where it will go and how its use will advance your mission.

You should also ensure that anyone giving to your organization, whether its donors or private foundations, feels appreciated. Write thank you letters. Create reports detailing how their contributions help real people using real examples. This is the best way to make certain that when you are ready to ask for money again, they will be more receptive.

The best decision you can make about NPO funding is where to get it. Turn to Financing Solutions for no hassle, fast, 501c3 funding that you can use to maximize your success.

If your nonprofit would like a line of credit that you can use when cash flow is down please visit www.fscreditline.com/np to learn more, to apply and to receive a written offer.  A Line of Credit for your nonprofit costs zero to set up and zero until you use it, making it an excellent backup plan.

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